Common Causes of Low Water Pressure & When It’s Time to Call a Pro for Help

You’re an extremely busy person with plenty of responsibilities on your plate. Making a living and tending to family drains a lot of your energy, and when you get home or finally make it to the weekend, the last thing you want to deal with is a finicky plumbing system. If you’re experiencing issues with low […]

Staying Warm While Lowering Your Heating Bills

The frigid temps we’ve had this winter leave many concerned about staying warm and about high heating bills. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help keep your heating bills manageable and your home or office warm and toasty. The Department of Energy shares that heating our homes is usually our most significant energy expense, and […]

Looking for a New St. Cloud Plumber? Ask These 5 Questions

If you are in the market for a plumber, it’s wise to take the time to find a reputable plumber whom you want to work with for all of your plumbing need – whatever they might be. Waiting until you have a plumbing emergency and then desperately searching for a plumber – any plumber – […]

Finding the Right Faucet for You

If you have a faucet that needs replacing or if you’re thinking about upgrading a faucet or two in your home, there’s a lot to consider and there are a lot of different models from which to choose. If price is your primary concern, it’s important to remember that sometimes the cheapest choice comes with hidden expenses […]

Sump Pumps: Do I Need One?

You’ve heard of sump pumps, but do you know what they actually do and whether or not your home or office needs one? If you don’t have a professionally installed sump pump in your home, you’re probably not as protected from flooding or damaging moisture as you could be. Water damage in any form is costly […]

Reduce Your Utility Bills and Conserve Energy

You pay your utility bills each month, and you likely don’t give them a lot of thought in the process. They have to paid, after all. Making small tweaks around your home or office, however, can help reduce the cost of your utilities, help conserve energy, and help protect you from costly plumbing emergencies. An […]

Top 6 Advantages of Advanced Water Filtration Systems

The water that we drink and use in our homes and offices is first treated in a water treatment plant that renders it relatively safe but that doesn’t necessarily optimize it for use. Further, on the journey from the water treatment facility to our taps, water can absorb additional contaminates. Today’s advanced water filtration systems […]

Drain Cleaners: Are They a Good Idea?

If your pipes aren’t draining the way you’d like, you may be tempted to pour one of those chemical drain cleaners down the drain and be done with the problem. After all, the bottled cleaners all claim to replace the services of profession plumbers. Before you pour your hard earned money down the drain, however, […]

Avoiding Plumbing Myths

Most home and business owners don’t pay a lot of attention to their plumbing systems – until a problem arises. There are some plumbing myths floating around out there, however, that you may be tempted to rely upon. Acquaint yourself with these myths, and you won’t fall victim to their sometimes damaging effects. If you […]