Reduce Your Utility Bills and Conserve Energy

You pay your utility bills each month, and you likely don’t give them a lot of thought in the process. They have to paid, after all. Making small tweaks around your home or office, however, can help reduce the cost of your utilities, help conserve energy, and help protect you from costly plumbing emergencies. An experienced St. Cloud plumber will help you make smart upgrades that make a difference in your utility bills.

Use LED Bulbs Instead of Traditional Lightbulbs

Light-emitting Diode Bulbs – or LED bulbs – are energy efficient lightbulbs that are long lasting and that emit light that is equal to or even superior to that of traditional lightbulbs. While you’ll pay more upfront for LED bulbs, you’ll save money over time because they require less energy and last longer than the bulbs you are probably using now. In fact, reports that, compared to traditional lightbulbs, LED bulbs are more durable and longer lasting, offer similar or superior quality of light, and are among the most energy-efficient light sources out there. In the end, this translates into purchasing bulbs less often and changing bulbs less often – it’s a win-win. If you are not ready to replace all your bulbs this minute, start slowly and swap them out over time.

Pay Attention to Your Water Heater

If you use a traditional tank water heater, don’t wait around for it to become a problem. Water heaters – just like other appliances – show signs of wear and tear over time. They also become more susceptible to potentially damaging leaks with age, but scheduling regular maintenance with a professional St. Cloud plumber will help ensure that yours is in good working order.

If you have a water heater that’s getting on in years, check its insulation, which is listed on the label that’s attached to the tank in the form of an R-value. recommends an R-value of at least 24, which can reduce the tank’s heat loss by approximately 25 to 45 percent. If you can’t find your water heater’s R-value, test the outside of the tank with your hand – if it’s warm to the touch, it is losing too much heat. A professional St. Cloud plumber can boost your water heater’s insulation and will consult with you about other energy-conserving options, including replacing your older unit with a more energy-efficient model.

Unplug Your Electronics When You Aren’t Using Them

Just because your electronics and appliances aren’t in use doesn’t mean that they aren’t using energy. When your lights, computer, stereo, or anything else is plugged in (but turned off), it’s using what is known as phantom power, and with time, this energy usage adds up. Simply powering a machine off doesn’t stop the flow of phantom power, but connecting your electronics to a power strip that can be switched on and off with the touch of a button can make turning off phantom power that much easier.

Consult with a St. Cloud Plumber about appliances that are Energy Star Rated

The Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy cosponsor a program called Energy Star, which is intended to help consumers reduce their utility bills by implementing energy-efficient practices and products. Appliances with Energy Star labels are certified as being top performers when it comes to cost-per-use and energy efficiency. A knowledgeable St. Cloud plumber will help you assess your appliance needs and explore the options that best fit those needs.

Conserve Energy and Protect Your Home

Reducing your energy bills is obviously great, but there’s more to energy conservation than that. Conferring with an experienced St. Cloud plumber can help you protect your home from plumbing emergencies while you are in the process of minimizing your utility bills. As plumbed appliances get older, they become more prone to damaging leaks, which can cause not only structural damage that is costly and inconvenient to repair but can also result in health-endangering mold and mildew.

An Experienced St. Cloud Plumber Can Help You Conserve Energy and Lower Your Utility Bills

Conserving energy and saving money on your utility bills are both great, but a dedicated St. Cloud plumber can help you protect your home or office from plumbing emergencies in the process. The experienced plumbing professionals at Neighborhood Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, and Electrical in St. Cloud have the skill, knowledge, and commitment to help you implement the changes that will save you money and protect your home or office from water damage. And because a plumbing problem can arise at any time, we are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. For more information, please contact or call us at 800-570-4328 today.

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