Why Choose Us

Established, Highly Trained, and Transparent

For 75 years Neighborhood Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electrical has proudly been providing expert service to Central Minnesota. Our professional technicians have ongoing training in their specialized field and we offer only the most dependable product lines. We’re immensely proud to be a part of our community, our technicians live and work here, and the reason we treat our customers like they’re our neighbors is because they are! With over 300+ years of combined experience, you can count on us to get the job done fast – and right the first time!

We take pride in our work and our guarantees:

A Guarantee stamp-like logo.

Our Core Values:

Everything we do at Neighborhood, from the briefest customer interaction to our larger company culture, is driven by 5 simple core values: Positive Atmosphere, Accountability, Teamwork, Commitment to Improvement, and Honesty/Integrity.

Together these values form P.A.T.C.H. Once our team members consistently perform and adopt these values, they earn a literal patch. It’s our way of implementing our values into future success.