Finding the Right Faucet for You

If you have a faucet that needs replacing or if you’re thinking about upgrading a faucet or two in your home, there’s a lot to consider and there are a lot of different models from which to choose. If price is your primary concern, it’s important to remember that sometimes the cheapest choice comes with hidden expenses and is no bargain. A knowledgeable St. Cloud plumber will explore your options with you and will help you find the faucet that’s right for you.

Availability of Replacement Parts

When it comes to purchasing a new faucet, there are a lot of factors to consider, and the availability of replacement parts is an important one. Faucets involve moving parts that see a lot of action, and over time, some of these parts will need to be replaced. If you are shopping for your faucet at a Megastore, ask about the availability of reasonably priced replacement parts. Unless you plan on replacing the entire faucet when it needs to be repaired (an expensive and less than environmentally friendly choice), you’re going to need to know that replacement parts are indeed available. If you’re purchasing your faucet online, replacement parts could remain an open question. Factor the availability of replacement parts into your purchase decision.

The Manufacturer

Faucets are made by many different manufacturers, and they all have their own professional reputations and standards of quality. If you’ve landed on a faucet that you’re interested in, talk to the salesclerk to find out more about its manufacturer. If he or she can’t knowledgeably discuss the topic with you, you might want to reconsider. You don’t want to replace your old faucet with something that isn’t going to be reliable and that will, itself, need to be replaced in the near future. If you’re purchasing your faucet online, it can be even trickier. Do your research about the manufacturer before you make the purchase.

Water Regulations

Regulations related to water continue to evolve, and that’s good for all of us. These federal and state regulations are intended to help us maintain safe drinking water and to help us conserve water. Some faucets don’t rise to the level of meeting current regulations – including standards related to allowable levels of lead and to water conservation – and you don’t want to unwittingly purchase one that you won’t be able to have installed. For example, if you are scouring auctions for a unique find, you could end up with a faucet that you simply can’t use. Again, talk to a salesclerk about whether a particular model of faucet meets the standards set in your area. If you are purchasing a faucet online, keep your wits about you. An experienced St. Cloud plumber will steer you in the right direction and help you find a faucet that suits your needs and adheres to all regulations.

The Warranty

If the price of the faucet you’re interested in seems too good to be true, it probably is. A seriously undercut price likely means the faucet will not withstand the test of time. Don’t forget to enquire about the faucet’s warranty. If you can’t find out straight information about the warranty, if the warranty is skimpy, or if the warranty is unnecessarily vague or overly specific, you should probably walk away. You are going to the inconvenience and expense of replacing your faucet, and you want to replace it with one that you are confident will hold up. A solid manufacturer’s warranty is a good indicator that the faucet is built to last.

Your Priorities

Everyone has different priorities when it comes to purchasing new faucets. Perhaps you’ve been planning the upgrade for a while, and you are looking for something that’s in it for the long haul. On the other hand, maybe you’re looking for something that is more of a stopgap measure before you do your big remodel. Perhaps you’re trying to decide whether to go all out on purchase price or to stay within a strict budget. Whatever your priorities are, there’s a faucet for you, and an experienced St. Cloud plumber will help you find it.

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