Top 6 Advantages of Advanced Water Filtration Systems

The water that we drink and use in our homes and offices is first treated in a water treatment plant that renders it relatively safe but that doesn’t necessarily optimize it for use. Further, on the journey from the water treatment facility to our taps, water can absorb additional contaminates. Today’s advanced water filtration systems help clean and optimize the water that we drink and use. A reputable St. Cloud plumbing service will help you explore your options.

Considering an Advanced Water Filtration System

When it comes to advanced water filtration systems for the home or office, there are three primary classifications:

  • Systems that Employ Activated Carbon – Water filtration systems that incorporate activated carbon are very popular and are generally less expensive than other options. These systems are typically installed right where they’re being used – under the sink of the filtered tap. The activated carbon filters the water that runs through it, and used cartridges can be replaced as often as necessary.
  • Systems that Employ Ion Exchange – Ion exchange water filtration systems incorporate positively charged ions that proceed to attract (and thus, eliminate) those negatively charged ions that contaminate the water.
  • Systems that Employ Reverse Osmosis – Reverse osmosis systems employ air pressure to filter water clean of the vast majority of contaminates by forcing it through a semi-permeable membrane.

An experienced St. Cloud plumber will help you determine which advanced water filtration system is right for you.

Advanced Water Filtration Systems: The Top 6 Advantages

Water that Is Healthier and Safer

Having an advanced water filtration system installed in your home or office affords you with peace of mind – you’ll know that the water you and your family and/or employees drink and use is always safe to drink and use. Not only is filtered water safer but it also tastes better. Tap water can have a stale, chemical taste that is associated with the treatment facility’s cleaning system. When the water in your home or office tastes better, it can lead to a healthy increase in water consumption.

Water that Cleans Better

Water that processes through an advanced filtration system cleans better, which has several positive effects. The soaps and detergents you use are more effective when used with appropriately soft water. Hard water is the enemy of lather, so in the end, you use more soap. Finally, your newly filtered water will have improved rinsing properties, so issues associated with soap scum are minimized. Soap scum can have a negative effect on your appliances, your plumbing, your skin, and your clothing (which can take on a dingy look). Having water that cleans better and rinses better can save you money on laundry detergents, dishwashing soaps, shampoos, and face and body soaps.

Water that Is Kinder to Sensitive Skin

Water that comes directly from treatment facilities often contains chemicals and heavy metals that can be irritating to dry, sensitive skin and can worsen skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema, especially in kids. Advanced water filtration systems can be far kinder to your children’s skin.

Water that Is Gentler on Your Tummy

Advanced water filtration systems fight to keep tummy troubles at bay by filtering out the microscopic organisms and parasites associated with upset stomachs that sometimes make it past the water treatment center and into your drinking water.

Water that Is Gentler On Your Plumbing

Unfiltered water can contain chemicals, minerals, and heavy metals that are often damaging to plumbing systems and to plumbed appliances. Installing an advanced water filtration system can help you avoid costly repairs and frequent replacements of your home or office’s appliances.

Drinking Water that Saves You Money and Is Environmentally Friendly

If your tap water doesn’t taste the greatest, you may find yourself investing in countless bottles of water to keep your family and/or employees healthily hydrated. An advanced water filtration system will not only eliminate this exorbitant expense but will also help you do your part for the environment by reducing your consumption of plastic water bottles.

Any one of these reasons alone makes a compelling argument for installing an advanced water filtration system. Together, they make the decision extremely easy.

If You’re Considering an Advanced Water Filtration System, Consult with a St. Cloud Plumber Today

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