7 Things We Can Teach You About Furnace Cost

Lets face it, us Minnesotan’s might be Viking strong but we still need heat! That’s exactly why every year thousands of Minnesota homeowners search the internet researching furnace costs. Just last year on Google there were over 240,000 searches statewide! The furnace is one of the most commonly searched for and used appliances in Minnesota. When they get old and […]

Is A New Furnace Worth The Cost?

Keeping your home warm during the winter months is one of your biggest priorities. And when the temperatures reach their lowest points, having a reliable furnace is about more than just comfort. It can be a safety, health and financial concern. In the winter months many homeowners are faced with the decision of whether or not to […]

How Much Does A New Furnace Cost To Install?

If you’ve been wondering how much a new furnace costs to install or how much it would cost to replace your existing furnace with a new one first consider the installer that your choosing to install it. When you choose an installer, you are choosing the, “Assembly line.” The components of an HVAC system aren’t yet a ‘working system’ when they leave […]

Why You Need Heating Tune Ups Now!

You may not be thinking about your heater right now, but it’s the best time of year to be doing so! This is the time of year your AC is probably going full blast, but your heater is sitting completely idle. After months of being turned off, it’s going to take quite a bit of […]

St. Cloud Air Conditioner Sales and Installations: Making Homes More Comfortable

There is something that can be said about having a new air conditioner. Cooler breezes sifting through the home or office can make one more comfortable. This is why it’s important to have professionals for St. Cloud air conditioning sales and installations. Upgrades are necessary for homes with older cooling systems. Older systems can suffer […]

The Top 5 Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heating has come a long way since they were invented by Edwin Ruud in 1913. Modern tankless water heaters are the size of a suitcase that use computer boards and sensors to tell the unit when hot water is needed, as well as what temperature the water should be. No longer big bulky cast […]

Why Leave The Clogged Drain To The Pro?

One of the best ways to improve one’s home is through managing the house consistently and properly. A common challenge that a person would typically meet when performing home management is that of working with clogged drain. Of course, not everyone is capable of keeping their drains clean and something like this often times needs […]

How Maintenance Can Prevent a Furnace Repair

Most people dread the thought of a Furnace Repair and the high cost they assume that will go with it. A bigger concern is really about having broken furnace during the coldest time of year. The best way to avoid needing a repair is to make sure you take care of the furnace on a regular […]

How do you know you need a Furnace Repair?

Whenever there is a problem with your furnace, you hear strange noises, it doesn’t blow heat or it is malfunctioning you probably need a Furnace Repair. You want to keep your furnace functional because there is nothing more frustrating other than needing a repair at an inconvenient time. If you’re worried that you might need […]

When to Get the Service of an Anoka Plumber

You might think that plumbing problems can often be easily resolved with a little do-it-yourself work, but that often isn’t the case. Plumbing is a complicated process, and if something goes wrong, you can end up looking at very serious water damages that can make any DIY fix extremely cost prohibitive. While there are some […]