7 Things We Can Teach You About Furnace Cost

Lets face it, us Minnesotan’s might be Viking strong but we still need heat! That’s exactly why every year thousands of Minnesota homeowners search the internet researching furnace costs. Just last year on Google there were over 240,000 searches statewide! The furnace is one of the most commonly searched for and used appliances in Minnesota. When they get old and inefficient it’s time to start figuring out how much they cost and if a new furnace is worth the cost. However, discovering the answer to that isn’t always so easy. It depends on quite a few things including the efficiency, type and size. That’s why we’ve put together this list for you of just some of the different things you’ll want to compare when researching furnace cost.

7 Things To Compare When Researching Furnace Cost

  1. Energy Efficiency – New furnaces range anywhere from 80% to 96% efficient. Depending upon the efficiency of the old unit your new furnace can save you up to 16% off your annual heating bill!
  2. Single Stage vs. Multi-Stage Furnaces – There are four main types of furnaces that all operate differently. Depending on the furnace you choose will determine how low your utility bills will be and how comfortable your home will be.
  3. Single Stage Furnace – A single stage furnace is exactly what it says it is, a furnace with one stage. This furnace can only be set to run on high. It’s designed to give you large gushes of hot air and really quick.
  4. Two-Stage Variable Furnace – A two-stage variable furnace has a low and a high. It starts on low until you need more heat then it will run on high. Because of this you’ll notice a little better comfort and lower utility bills.
  5. 5-Stage Variable Furnace – A 5-stage variable furnace has low, medium low, medium, medium high and high heat settings. This furnace can adjust the heat and fan speed up or down more precisely giving you more consistent heating, better comfort and even lower utility bills yet.
  • Modulating Furnace – A Modulating Furnace is the ultimate in comfort and energy savings! This type of furnace delivers the exact amount of heat needed at any given time.  Most of the times this furnace is running so low, just to keep your home just the right temperature, you won’t even know its on. Because of this, not only will this furnace be the ultimate in comfort and energy savings, this furnace will last the longest because it doesn’t work very hard.
  •  Proper Sizing – The old way to size a furnace was by square footage but not anymore. Today’s, experts properly size new furnaces by performing a heat load calculation. This is done by measuring the square footage of your windows, doors, walls and ceilings then calculating the exact heat necessary for your home.

How Will These 7 Things Affect My Furnace Cost?

Depending on the quality of installation, efficiency, type and size will determine how much your new furnace will cost. Every home is different and so are the needs of each and every person. The best way to start figuring out exactly what your new one will cost is to get a heat load calculation. Once you’ve done that you will know the proper size furnace you need then be able to choose the type and efficiency you want based on your budget and needs.


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