How Maintenance Can Prevent a Furnace Repair

Most people dread the thought of a Furnace Repair and the high cost they assume that will go with it. A bigger concern is really about having broken furnace during the coldest time of year. The best way to avoid needing a repair is to make sure you take care of the furnace on a regular basis. Getting regular furnace maintenance is the smartest approach to keeping your unit working properly. This is a great way to pinpoint and troubleshoot potential problems before they can do any damage. Aside from letting a professional service your furnace, here are a few things you can do on your own to care for it:

5 Things You Can Do To Maintain Your Furnace

Clean or replace filters – Your filters should be cleaned monthly and then replaced when necessary. This will help prevent your system from getting clogged up and slowing down too much.

Conduct and inspection – Check around for anything that could be obstructing coils, filters, ducts or the blower.

Check the outdoor handlers – Branches, vines and other debris outside can get in the way of your furnace being able to work properly.

Check for leaks – Even an untrained eye can spot leaks or places where water has pooled. If you see any then follow up with a heating and cooling pro.

Look for cracks – Another thing you should be able to spot on your own are possible cracks or busted seals around the furnace or air conditioner system.

How do you know you need a Furnace Repair?

If you spot any potential threats to your system then you should place on scheduling an appointment for a repair. Don’t panic – if you take care of small problems early on this should prevent larger and more costly fixes. And if you don’t feel comfortable conducting the above checklist, it is a good idea to call Neighborhood and let them handle it.

Ignoring care, maintenance and small problem solving for your furnace and air conditioner system will only cause more harm. Ignoring the problem will not make it go away and can, in fact, lead to much worse problems. Just make sure whoever you choose to work with is qualified, trained and certified to handle the job. This should include proof of licensing and that they’re bonded and insured.

Get The Job Done Right – The Very First Time!

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