Why You Need A Fall Heating Tune-Up

Heating contractors around Foley, MN, usually spend a good portion of their time this season performing maintenance work on the heating systems before the winter weather has a chance to set in. But why should you plan your tune-up now and not in a month or two? The short answer is that fewer contractors are […]

Essential HVAC Maintenance Tasks For the Start of the Fall Season

Summer has started to loosen its grip on our area, and we can already feel a hint of fall in the air. School is back in session, football season has kicked off, and before you know it, we’ll be attending bonfires, picking pumpkins and drinking hot cocoa. It’s an exciting time to be out and […]

Yearly Maintenance Can Help Prevent Dangerous Gas Line leaks

Gas lines are the power source that fuels many home appliances, including kitchen appliances, water heaters, and home heating units. If you use gas in your home, it’s important to know that gas leaks happen and that they are often very dangerous. When it comes to gas leaks – and other plumbing issues – regularly […]

5 Things Neighborhood Can Teach You About St Cloud Furnace Repairs

The chilly months are coming for St. Cloud residents, which means furnaces will be working hard throughout the area. Unfortunately, every appliance will eventually have some type of problem, so it’s important to know what to do when things aren’t working the way they should. Our experienced technicians not only repair and maintain furnaces, but […]

St Cloud Heating and Furnace Repair – What You Need To Know

As St Cloud residents brace themselves for a long, cold winter, one of the first things they often think about is their home’s heating. A home’s furnace ages over the years, often malfunctioning during the months it’s needed most. St Cloud heating and furnace repair technicians find that costly repairs almost always can be avoided […]

Furnace Repair vs. Furnace Replacement

Your furnace is making noises again. You wonder what is going on with it this time. Is it worth another repair? Or does it need to be replaced? We’ve talked about when is a good time to replace your furnace, but now, let’s talk about the benefits of a furnace repair vs. furnace replacement. Furnace Repair […]

What To Do in a Heating Emergency in Minnesota

Heating emergencies happen in our area every year. But you don’t have to be “out in the cold” if you have to experience one. These useful, preventative tips will keep your household safe, comfortable, and peaceful during the cold nights ahead. The cold nights are here—and came sooner than we’d like. In November, our average highs are […]

7 Carbon Monoxide Safety Tips For Minnesota Homeowners

Carbon Monoxide in homes is a deceptively dangerous problem. You can’t see it, taste it or smell it. So how do you if you have a Carbon Monoxide problem? You might start feeling nauseous, start getting headaches or just start feeling uncomfortable then blame it on a flu. But Carbon Monoxide is serious business and […]