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The chilly months are coming for St. Cloud residents, which means furnaces will be working hard throughout the area. Unfortunately, every appliance will eventually have some type of problem, so it’s important to know what to do when things aren’t working the way they should. Our experienced technicians not only repair and maintain furnaces, but we also advise homeowners on keeping their units operational for many years. Here are five tips our experts give for keeping your furnace in tip-top shape this winter.

1. Change Your Filter

Each home’s HVAC system requires a filter to operate efficiently. These filters are available through home improvement retailers and many grocery stores. If your unit uses a 1” filter, you’ll need to change it every month, but 4” filters can last up to three months. Failure to replace the air filter on a regular basis could cause it to become clogged, which will possibly shut down your furnace unexpectedly.

2. Note Strange Odors

If you smell gas in your home, that could be a sign of a leak in the heat exchanger. This could mean dangerous carbon monoxide fumes are making their way into the rooms of your house. Pay close attention to any strange odors and if you smell gas, open a window and call your local gas company immediately.

3. Don’t Do It Yourself

Home improvement shows make it look easy to take on serious construction projects. However, when a home’s furnace is involved, such repairs can be challenging. You could do serious damage to your unit, even if you’re using an instruction video or article to walk you through each step. Even more importantly, though, you could put yourself and your family at risk if you start a fire or inhale deadly gases during the repair process.

4. Don’t Delay Repairs

As soon as you suspect your furnace might need repairs, contact a local service provider and make an appointment. If you delay, a small problem could become a much bigger one. By bringing a repair person to look at the issue early on, you may find that your cost of repairs is minimal, compared to what you’d pay for a much larger issue if you allowed it to progress.

5. Ask for an Estimate

As the customer, you have the right to know up front how much repairs will cost. Ask a service provider before you schedule an appointment whether they offer an estimate in writing before doing any work. An honest business will have no problem assessing the problem and issuing a price quote. By having this information at the start, you’ll avoid a surprise bill at the end.

Furnace problems are never pleasant, but if you find a local service provider that specializes in serving the St. Cloud area, you’ll know you’re in good hands. Monitor your furnace over the course of the winter season and if you notice any issues, make an appointment for a local technician to come out. You may find that a simple issue can quickly and affordably be resolved, as opposed to waiting until it becomes much more serious.

If you need furnace repair, make sure you choose a company you can trust. Contact Neighborhood today to schedule an appointment.


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