6 Clues Your Sauk Rapids Home’s Sewer Line is Clogged

If your Sauk Rapids home’s primary sewer line is positioned beneath the front yard, it will prove challenging to pinpoint a broken sewer line with merely the naked eye.  However, there are some clear things our Sauk Rapids Plumbers look for to tell if a sewer line is broken or has another problem.  Below, we outline the three top clues that will tip you off to a clogged sewer line.

Clue #1: A Nasty Odor

Though you will not always be able to identify a clogged or otherwise flawed sewer line issue with your eyes, you will likely smell the odor.  If the odor of sewer gas is powerful enough to spread throughout your Sauk Rapids home, it is a clear indication of a plumbing issue.  Such an odor is a sign of a clog in the sewer line.  The odor emanates due to the fact that backups sometimes redirect odorous gases upward through drains.

An unsavory odor that is especially pungent in your front yard is an indication there is a major leak in the sewer line.  Do not shrug off this problem and simply assume it will work itself out in due time!  You need the assistance of a Sauk Rapids plumbing professional to accurately identify, assess and repair the problem.  Otherwise, the smell will continue to worsen, making your property absolutely unbearable.

Clue #2: Drains That Clog Surprisingly Easily

Though showers, kitchen sinks and toilets sometimes have drains that become slightly plugged, clearing these clogs is typically a fairly easy and quick project.  If clogging occurs at an especially high frequency or occurs at several drains throughout your Sauk Rapids home, there is a significant underlying problem that must be addressed by an experienced professional.  Sauk Rapids homeowners should also know water that drains slowly is another indication of sewer line obstruction.

Clue #3: Soggy Areas in the Yard

A collapse or break in the sewer line beneath your Sauk Rapids property can lead to a leaky sewer line.  In some cases, tree roots break through the piping and result in leaks.  Such leads are that much more difficult to identify than others, especially in parts of your property where the sewer line is buried deep down below the surface.  Though a sewer line like will like be invisible due to the depth of its installation, there is a slight chance the leak will erupt or accumulate to the point that it overflows onto your Sauk Rapids property.

Clue #4: Sewage in the Sewer Cleanout

Any sign of sewage present in the sewer cleanout at your Sauk Rapids property is an indication of a main sewer clog.  Sewer cleanouts are pipes that connect to your home’s primary sewer line.  These cleanouts provide plumbers with immediate access in the event of a blockage.  The sewer cleanout is likely positioned outside of your Sauk Rapids home or even in the basement.  Sewer cleanouts are identified by a rectangular or round cap.  In fact, the cleanout might be labeled as such or be titled “sewage”.  If you cannot find your home’s sewer cleanout, don’t fret!  Our Sauk Rapids plumbing team is here to help you identify the sewer cleanout and repair any problems with your plumbing system.

Clue #5: Floor Drain Sewage

If the primary sewer line has a clog, there will be nowhere for the waste water or sewage within the pipes to escape.  This means the sewage will soon move on through to a secondary drain.  If this occurs, you will likely observe and smell sewage as it arises from the floor drains.

Clue #6: Flushing Toilets Causes a Water Backup in the Shower

If water backs up when water fixtures such as toilets are used, it is an indication there is a main sewer line blockage.  Running the washing machine might also cause toilets and sinks to overflow.  Main sewer line clogs indicate the wastewater that is attempting to exit your Sauk Rapids home is bottle-necking to the point that it is forced upward by way of drain lines.

How to Proceed if You Have a Clogged or Broken Sewer Line

If your Sauk Rapids property has any of the issues detailed above and there is not a broken plumbing vent or clogged drain, you have a major problem.  Sewer line clogs require the assistance of a plumbing professional.  Our Sauk Rapids plumbing experts are at your service.  Give us a call at (320) 251-7872 as soon as you suspect something is wrong with your home’s sewer line, drains or any other aspect of your home or business plumbing system.  Our local plumbers in Sauk Rapids will perform an in-depth analysis of the problem, explain what is going on in plain English and get to work.

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