Your AC: The Maintenance Basics

As we head into the warmer months, your air conditioner plays a critical role in your family’s comfort and you want to make sure it’s in excellent working order. Fortunately, there are some maintenance basics that you can perform on your own to help ensure just that. In addition to your own ministrations, however, scheduling regular maintenance with an experienced Elk River, Minnesota, heating and cooling specialist will help keep your system working at peak performance for many years to come.

Perform Regular Housekeeping

After another hard winter full of freezing temps and gale force winds, the area surrounding your outdoor cooling unit could probably use some tender loving care. Ensuring that no plants, shrubs, or weeds are encroaching on your system’s territory can go a long way toward helping to keep it operating smoothly throughout the grueling heat waves to come. The idea is to keep plants from growing into your air conditioner unit and wrapping around its coils. It is also critical to keep debris well away from your system, and this includes things like leaves, twigs, and dirt piles. Keeping your cooling system clear of clutter is a good idea throughout the year. Even the grass that builds up when you mow your lawn can have a deleterious effect on your air conditioner. Making cleanup around your air conditioner a regular part of your outdoor routine can help extend the life of your unit while maximizing its efficiency.

Keep Your Air Filters Clean and Well Maintained

Your cooling system’s air filter helps ensure that you get the most comfort with the least outlay of energy – while also providing your home with clean, healthy air. In other words, your air conditioner’s air filter plays an exceptionally important role in your home. Show your cooling unit the love it deserves by maintaining and changing its air filter according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. If you have pets, experience a lot of dust in your home, or are prone to air-borne allergies, you may even want to change your filter more often than suggested. If you’re not sure how to change or clean your air filter – or even how to find it – an experienced Elk River, Minnesota, cooling specialist can help you with that.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

In addition to your own maintenance work, it’s important to schedule regular professional maintenance. Such maintenance has much to recommend it:

  • Professional maintenance helps ensure that your unit is running at peak efficiency.
  • Professional maintenance tests for any potential problems that could trip you up when you’re trying to make your way through the hottest days of summer.
  • Professional maintenance helps ensure that you’re not overpaying on your energy bills.
  • Professional maintenance helps extend the life of your cooling system and limits the number of expensive repairs needed over that lifetime.
  • Professional maintenance helps to improve the quality of air in your home.
  • Professional maintenance gives you the confidence that comes from knowing you are taking care of your cooling system so that it will continue to take care of you for many years to come.

Scheduling regular professional maintenance for your cooling system with an experienced Elk River, Minnesota, cooling specialist will help you save money over time.

Warning Signs that Your AC Needs Service

You want your AC to serve you well throughout the warm months to come, and as such, it’s important to be aware of the warning signs that your unit may need service:

Higher Utility Bills

If you’ve started using your air conditioner for the season and your utility bill is skyrocketing, there’s likely a problem with your unit. If your system is compromised, it’s probably working too hard to keep your home cool, which is why it’s adversely affecting your energy bill.

  • Loud, Strange Noises
  • If your system is making loud, strange noises that it’s never made before, it’s time to call in an experienced Elk River, Minnesota, cooling professional.
  • Uneven Cooling Throughout Your Home
  • If your cooling unit is no longer maintaining a consistent temperature throughout your home, there’s likely an issue with your air conditioner.

To Keep Your AC Running Smoothly through the Summer, Schedule Maintenance with an Experienced Elk River, Minnesota, Cooling Professional Today

Summer is coming, and you want to keep your home cool and comfortable throughout. The best way to ensure this outcome is by keeping your cooling unit in excellent working order with regularly scheduled professional maintenance. The dedicated cooling specialists at Neighborhood Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, and Electrical in Elk River, Minnesota, have the experience, skill, and knowledge to help keep your home comfortable through the upcoming dog-days of summer. We are available 24/7, so please contact or call us at 877-817-0584 today.

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