Why Thousands Of People Are Buying New Heating Systems Now

Well folks, the summer is winding down and before you know it, you’ll be turning up the heat to keep that crisp fall air out of your home. Yuck! Who wants to think about that? It’s still warm! There’s still a few weeks of nice weather left. You want to cram in as many warm weather activities as you can before the furnace has to be turned on. I’ll tell you who is thinking about that, the savvy shopper.

At this point in the year, our business slows down

That’s right. It happens every year. No one is looking for an air conditioner, and buying a new heating system hasn’t quite yet entered the mind of most Minnesotans. That’s why this is the time of the year the savvy shopper makes their move. Our schedule has openings right now. Our prices are lowered and our technicians are ready to install. Savvy shoppers know that buying a new heating system now will keep money in their pockets and will give them confidence to face the coming -20 degree temperatures this winter.

“But, William, how do I know if my heating system needs to be replaced,” you might ask. Often, people don’t know how to tell if their heating system is failing. Because they don’t know the signs, many people end up calling us with a crisis, an emergency. Their heating system failed, the temperature is below freezing, and they have a houseful of holiday guests. Of course we take care of them as soon as possible, but why risk getting into such a stressful situation?

Let me share with you some helpful tips in determining if your heating system is good, or if it needs to be replaced. Some simple, tell-tale signs are:

  • If it is over 13 years old
  • It’s making funny noises
  • It left you cold last winter
  • You are sick of high fuel bills

If you remember one or more of those tell-tale signs from last winter, your system probably needs to be replaced.

$54 Precision Heating System Tune-ups

Still not sure? We can come out to your home and perform our Precision Tune Up where we test and inspect your heating system. We check to make sure everything is working as it should. If it isn’t, we will let you know what other steps you can take to get it working and warming all winter long. You should not have to worry about a cold home this winter. We would love to put your mind at ease whether you just need our Precision Tune Up, a new heating system, or one of our other heating services.


SAVE NOW! Up to $2250 OFF a New Heating System

Good news! Installing a new heating system doesn’t have to be a headache. We’ll make it easy for you and disprove the common misconceptions about furnace installation. Because of the common, end-of-summer lull, we have openings right now. We can likely get a technician out to your home at your earliest convenience. If you are looking to save a little money, you are in luck! We want to give an edge to the savvy shopper. Prices have been lowered substantially. You can save anywhere from $500.00 to $2250.00 on a new, fully guaranteed system when you call now.


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