Why Plumbers Say A Runny Forest Lake Toilet Will Drain Your Savings

If your toilet is acting up, do not fall into the trap of doing nothing and assuming it will return to its normal functionality in due time.  Though burst pipes and blockages are certainly problematic, a running toilet is particularly concerning.  Toilets that run excessively after flushes are actually quite common yet some Forest Lake residents do not take this problem seriously.

Constant flushes resulting from toilet malfunctions will waste water as well as money.  A running toilet will also create noise pollution that ruins your Forest Lake home’s peacefulness.  A toilet that does not stop flushing is akin to a water that that runs all the time.  Neglect this issue and your water bills will go sky-high.  Your running toilet should be addressed as soon as you identify the problem.  Our Forest Lake Plumbers are here to help.

How to Tell if Your Toilet is Running More Than It Should

A toilet that runs well beyond the point in time at which you pull the handle to flush is likely to generate noise.  You will likely hear the noise generated immediately after you flush.  However, the primary difference is that the noise produced by a running toilet will not stop for a while or at all.  Even if your toilet seems to be in good working order, you should still have the excessive running addressed by a Forest Lake plumbing specialist to minimize your water bills.  You can mitigate the cost of this problem by turning off the bathroom’s supply of water.  Turn the water nozzle attached to the pipe to the lower right or left of your toilet to the off position.  Otherwise, you will waste a ton of water as you wait for our local plumbers in Forest Lake to arrive.

Once the water supply to your toilet is turned off, remove the cover atop the toilet.  Take a look at the toilet tank.  You will likely find a diminutive opening referred to as the flapper.  A tank’s worth of water moves into the bowl each time the toilet is flushed.  The toilet is likely to run if the flapper is stuck in the open position.  A flapper in this position requires that much more water.  If you are still in doubt as to whether your toilet is running excessively, put a few drops of food dye in the toilet tank water.  Do not flush the toilet for the next 15 minutes.  Once this period of time passes, take a look at the water.  If the dyed water has escaped, it is an indication your toilet is running.

Solutions to Prevent a Running Toilet From Hiking Your Water Bill

Once you have confirmed your toilet is actually running excessively, it is time to take the steps necessary to correct the problem.  If you do nothing and simply attempt to wait it out, your water bill will gradually increase with each passing day.  It might be possible to solve your running toilet problem without the assistance of our local plumbers in Forest Lake.  Reach into the toilet tank and close the flapper.  If the chain catches, straighten it to ensure it does not hold the flapper in the open position.  However, there is a chance the situation will be so bad that the toilet requires a completely new flapper.

The addition of a new flapper is not a bid deal as it is affordable and fairly easy to install.  The cost of a new flapper at your local hardware store will pale in comparison to what you pay for your elevated water bills in the coming months and beyond. Locals in need of assistance installing a new flapper in their toilet tank are encouraged to reach out to our Forest Lake plumbing team at (651) 257-4328.  If the installation of a new flapper does not stop your toilet from running excessively, take a close look at the water line.  There will be a never-ending demand for additional water if the water line does not have enough water.  Pinpoint the location of the water valve, ensure it is turned all the way and water will likely fill up the toilet to finally solve this annoying problem.

Contact our Local Plumbers in Forest Lake

If you are hesitant to tackle your running toilet problem on your own, you are not alone.  Most people dread toilet repair attempts as these jobs have the potential to be messy and complicated.  Fret not, our plumbers in Forest Lake are here to put an end to your running toilet problem once and for all.  It is possible the toilet has antiquated equipment that is on its last legs.  You will need the assistance of a professional plumber in Forest Lake to replace the malfunctioning equipment.  Though you will certainly have to pay for toilet repair/replacement, it is better to get this problem out of the way now than deal with egregiously high water bills across posterity.  Contact our Forest Lake plumbing team today at (651) 257-4328 to finally put an end to your water waste and absurdly high water bills.

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