Why is Water Heater Maintenance Important?

Very few people who have needed to schedule a water heater repair for their St. Cloud, MN, home have probably taken pleasure in the process. Whether it was the initial signs that indicated a problem — maybe showers were a little colder — or the cost of the repairs themselves, it’s never enjoyable to have your water heater break on you.

The best way to avoid a water heater breakdown, though, is to perform proper maintenance on your system. Here’s what you need to know about the importance of water heater maintenance:

It Can Save You Money

Performing regular maintenance on your water heater system saves you money in many ways: it can increase your heater’s efficiency, reduce the number of repairs that are needed, and provide more time before you need to replace the system.

As you use your water heater, it begins to accumulate sediment in its tank, its anode rod begins to rust, and the wear and tear will start to eat away at the system’s efficiency. As the efficiency declines, you’ll be spending more on utility bills to keep the water hot, a process that could easily be avoided if you took the time to have a professional maintenance routine put in place.

It Can Increase the Lifespan of Your Water Heater

As mentioned previously, performing regular maintenance on your water heater can increase the amount of time you can use your water heater before it needs to be replaced, saving you money in the process. Regular maintenance allows you to expand the useful life of your water heater because it minimizes the impact of the wear-and-tear that accumulates over the course of using your water heater.

If normal wear-and-tear is allowed to accumulate, then it increases the chances that complex issues will arise. Usually, the more complicated a repair, the more likely it will be that you’ll need to replace your water heater rather than perform basic maintenance.

It Minimizes Emergencies

The last thing you probably want to happen when you jump in the shower or go to wash dishes is finding that your tap can only provide cold water. At a baseline, this might prove an inconvenience, as you’ll be rushing out the door to work; at worst, it can lead to other plumbing issues, as there’s no longer any hot water running through the system. Regardless of how you approach the problem, though, it means calling a water heater repair professional ASAP to get it repaired, and emergency services can lead to a lot more fees than are typical of a routine repair job.

Luckily, good maintenance provides a double benefit in this case: it keeps the shower a relaxing part of your day and minimizes the need to call up the first repair professional you can find to restore hot water to your home.

To find out more about the importance of water heater maintenance or get a quote for water heater installation services in St. Cloud, MN, call the Neighborhood team today!

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