What’s Happening When Your Shower and Toilet are Simultaneously Clogged

A clogged toilet and shower will certainly prove annoying yet this unique plumbing quandary is not the end of the world.  If you experience such dual clogging at the same time, remain calm.  Our St. Cloud Plumbers are here to help return your plumbing system and living space to normal.  Let’s take a look at why these two types of clogs occur at the same moment in time.

The True Cause of Multiple Clogs

If you find the water in your bathtub accumulates around your feet while you take a shower and the toilet nearly overflows when flushing, you have the dreaded dual-clog.  However, this simultaneous clogging is not a guarantee the toilet and shower are both clogged.  Rather, it is the sewer main that is clogged.  In the context of plumbing, water that cannot move downward will move upward.  The location where the water rises is a clue as to where the obstruction lies.  When the shower and toilet are both clogged, the obstruction will likely be downstream from the area where the shower and toilet connect with the underlying sewer main.  Such simultaneously clogging is a sign the obstruction is so deep that it backs up both drains.

There is no sense running water throughout your St. Cloud home in order to pinpoint the obstruction.  Rather, the better course of action is to turn off the water supply so sewage does not back up in drains.  Let our St. Cloud plumbing business handle this challenge.  We will use highly sophisticated methods to identify the location of the obstruction.  If necessary, we will inspect the clog with our video cameras to identify its exact position for quick clearing.

The Challenge of Unclogging a Shower and Toilet

Yanking out a sizable clump of hair from the shower drain or wadded wet wipes from the toilet is much easier than unclogging the sewer main.  If your toilet and shower are clogged at the same time, do the smart thing by contacting our local plumbers in St. Paul.  We will clear the main sewer line on your behalf.  A variety of methods are available to dislodge your home plumbing system’s clog with connecting lines.

As an example, eliminating obstructions from a blocked vent pipe such as a dead animal will help water drain down the primary sewer line as intended.  However, clearing such an obstruction is dangerous and difficult.  This is not the type of home improvement project you can do on your own.  Let our St. Cloud plumbers tend to the clog on your behalf and you can sit back and relax while the plumbing gurus do the dirty work.  This way, you do not run the risk of damaging your home plumbing system or yourself while attempting to clear what might be a massive clog.

How We Clear Sewer Line Obstructions

Clearing a sewer line obstruction starts with a diagnosis of the plumbing system.  Prior to getting to work, our St Cloud plumbers will analyze the clog and explain what might be causing the problem.  We will not move forward with dislodging the clog until you are aware of the cost of this project.  Our mission is to provide transparent services without any hidden fees that inspire you to recommend us to others in the greater St. Cloud area.

The method our plumbers decide on to clear your obstruction or repair your property’s sewer main hinges on what the obstruction actually is.  In most cases, grease or tree roots prove to be the sewer line obstruction.  Sewer line repair methods range from pipe bursting to pipe lining, the use of pressurized water jets and general plumbing maintenance.  Yearly plumbing system analysis and maintenance are necessary to prevent the accumulation of household debris in your property’s sewer lines.  In fact, we can even help ward off those pesky tree roots from interfering with unlined pipe.

Pressurized Water and Pipe Lining

In some cases, the use of pressurized water jets is necessary to eliminate debris, tree roots, pipe scale, grease and other forms of buildup.  Let us blast away the clog with our water jets and your St. Cloud home plumbing system will return to its customary smooth operation in little time.  In other cases, it is prudent to use advanced hydraulics for pipe bursting to break away aged sewer pipes prior to the installation of new pipes.

Our St. Cloud plumbers can also line your property’s sewer main with a specialized sleeve to prevent leaks.  This way, the moisture that accumulates along the exterior of the pipe will no longer attract tree roots in search of water.  The best part about pipe lining is it is trenchless, meaning we do not have to dig massive holes in your lawn to access pipes.

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