What St. Cloud Residents Can Expect to Pay for a Furnace Installation

During the St. Cloud winter, it is absolutely imperative for you to have a fully reliable and functional heating system in your home. As such, if your furnace is unreliable, inefficient, or damaged, you should consider installing a new furnace for your home. A furnace replacement is a substantial investment so it is important to trust this effort with a professionally licensed heating contractor.

At Neighborhood Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, our St. Cloud heating contractors are ready to assist you with every aspect of your furnace replacement project. From now until January 31, you can take advantage of our New Year’s sale. During this sale, you can save up to $2250 during this limited time event.

In order to help our customers, our furnace experts have provided the following detailed guide of furnace costs. With this information and our help, you will be able to choose the heating system that is right for your budget, your family, and your St. Cloud property.

National Average For Furnace Installations

When you decide to replace your residential heating system, it is good to have a basic understanding of the price range of the prospective project. For the average household, the overall cost of a furnace replacement can range anywhere from a low of $900 to a high of $8000. Despite this wide price range, most homeowners can expect to pay somewhere between $2,255 and $5,513, with a national average of $3,883 for a furnace replacement.

The wide range in the costs to replace a furnace depend largely on three factors. First, the price difference between gas and electric furnaces is relatively substantial. Second, the top brand manufactures are often sold for a substantial premium. Lastly, the energy efficiency of your prospective heating system will affect the price. At Neighborhood Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, our St. Paul heating contractors can help you navigate these choices to arrive at the best furnace for your home.

Price Variance Between Gas and Electric Furnaces

On average, the standard electric furnace costs somewhere around $700 with an installation cost of $1950. In contrast, the average gas furnace will cost $1,215 with an installation cost of $2,370. As such, an electric furnace is a smaller upfront expenditure; however, the gas furnace makes up for the extra investment by being substantially more efficient. In a harsh winter environment like St. Paul, the energy savings of a gas furnace may make this system the best choice for you.

Price Variance Between Manufactures

Another reason that furnace installations vary in price results from manufacturing. Take gas furnaces as an example. A less known brand such as Payne gas furnaces average around $700 whereas a new Lennox gas furnace can cost up to $1,410. In order to determine which system is best for your home and which new furnace is worth paying extra money for, it is important to hire a professionally licensed heating contractor. Our St. Cloud experts are here to help you with these difficult decisions.

Furnace Efficiency Costs

When deciding on the energy efficiency of your new furnace, it is important to customize the consideration to your property and your family’s specific needs. At Neighborhood Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, our highly skilled professionals can help you with this effort. With our expert guidance, you can choose the new furnace that has the right level of efficiency for your specific property, your budget, and your unique heating needs. In this way, you can feel confident that you made the best possible choice.

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