Tips to Keep your Home Energy Efficient

There are numerous ways to keep your home energy efficient and they range from something as simple as switching out an older appliance for a new model to larger things such as installing solar panels on the home. Not only are you helping the environment when you become more energy efficient, but you’re also helping your wallet at the same time. Even changing out one to two things in the home can help reduce the amount you spend each month on your utility bills.

Top Tips for Keeping a More Energy Efficient Home

  1. Sealing the attic of your home can keep the cold or hot air out of the home. This prevents your heat and air conditioning from leaking out of the top of the house, while maintaining a steady temperature inside.
  2. Windows can be a major cause of concern in a home. By replacing extremely old and outdated windows, or adding tint to them, you can reduce the amount of cold and hot air you lose throughout the year.
  3. Replace old appliances. Older appliances are not very efficient at what they do. Replacing them with newer, energy efficiently stamped appliances, you’re getting a more effective appliance, as well as a lower monthly bill.
  4. Go with the low flow. When choosing new fixtures for the sinks, toilets and showers, go with low flow to save on water consumption, as well as energy used.
  5. Keep water heaters on a warm temperature, and not set to extremely hot. The water inside does not need to be hot enough to burn your skin and you can save energy by not warming the water to a high temperature.
  6. Always replace the filters inside the furnace when they need to be changed. When the filter is dirty, the furnace must work extra hard to pump heat through the home. By replacing it, you’re reducing the amount of dust and dirt in the system and allowing the heat to flow smoothly through it.
  7. Switch lightbulbs from the older incandescent bulbs to new fluorescent bulbs to save on energy. They use less power and are not as harsh on the eyes. They also have a much longer lifespan, allowing you to reduce the amount of waste.
  8. It is important to know to contact a building contractor in your area. Having them help and install the products for you can ensure that you cut back on energy usage within the home. They can also recommend the best products to use for more energy efficiency.
  9. Add solar panels to your home. Even a couple can help you reduce the amount you spend on energy during a year. They can be quite the expenditure but well worth it.
  10. Plant a tree. Adding trees helps your energy efficiency, provides more oxygen and are beautiful.

Becoming more energy efficient is a great way to save some cash, while also doing something great for the environment. Many of these energy efficient changes are inexpensive and easy to do but still provide you with a way to lower those bills every month. Make the switch today and start seeing the savings tomorrow.

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