The Ugly Truth about Chlorine In Your Tap Water

Water quality is always changing and can never be completely consistent, certain variables like hardness, odor, chlorine levels and taste will always vary to some degree. Your water experience depends a great deal on the source of your water whether it be from a well, city tower, or occasionally and sometimes worse even pumped in from rivers and lakes rich in contaminants.

The Source Of Your Water Depends On The Time Of Year

Some cities have been known to pump from different sources at certain times of the year. There was a well in my home town which the citizens would use and I noticed it smelt a little oily at times, the city officials went as far as to deny to people that there was anything wrong with it and tell everyone it was okay to drink. It wasn’t very long after people started complaining that they eventually stopped sourcing water from that particular well, we we’re all happy to see that well closed. The problem is that local towns are always switching to and from various sources including rivers and lakes according to seasonal patterns. As a result to keep the water up to state and federal regulation standards they have to increase and/or decrease the amount of chlorine used to treat it. However, chlorine is not very healthy for you.

The Effects Of Chlorine On Young Children Are Not Good

A few weeks back my wife was researching the effects of high chlorine levels In the water on young children, we had just became grandparents to our daughters first born child and wanted to take the best care of her possible. After researching she came across an article regarding a double blind test given to pre-school children, in this test the tables the students ate at were cleaned with a bleach solution one day and normal water the next day.

The results were quite interesting on the day that the bleach solution was used the children reacted to the bleach negatively and acted up, the study continued and got more in depth with the ultimate result being the conclusion that bleach can cause strong irritable symptoms to children. Not that I needed a article or test to tell me this, it can just be assumed that the less chemicals children come in contact with the better.

The more my wife read into it she found that the chlorine in our drinking water is just that, bleach. Well that didn’t go over very well with her so she came to me and asked if there is a filter system that can remove that out of the water our kids drink, play in, bath in, and wash their clothes in. I was happy to reply, yes there is a definitely a way to get rid of it.

Removing The Chlorine From Your Tap Water Is The Only Way To Truly Have Healthy Water

Some might wonder why remove that? It kills harmful things in the water that might harm us. True, but after its already been treated its not necessary and healthy to keep the chlorine in your water. Like i had stated earlier depending on the time of year and the source of the water you never know how much chlorine and chemicals are put in it to help make it comply with state and federal water quality regulations. Fortunately at Neighborhood our Plumbers have the solution to eliminate the chlorine and other harmful chemicals from your water. It’s called the Whole House Water Filtration System

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