The Main Problems With An Air Conditioner Short Cycling in Elk River

Air conditioner short-cycling occurs when the system repeatedly turns on and off without much of a delay between the cooling cycles.  If your air conditioner is short-cycling in Elk River, do not assume it is occurring simply because the outdoor temperature is high.  There is likely something wrong with the system’s internal components.  Short-cycling is likely to cause your AC unit to wear down much sooner than it should.  Adding salt to the wound is the fact that short-cycling will hike your monthly energy bill.  These are only some of the problems our AC Repair technicians see on a regular basis caused by AC short-cycling.

Shorter System Life

AC short-cycling puts your cooling system into overdrive.  Excessive AC operation gradually wears down the system’s interior components.  As a result, your air conditioner’s system life turns out to be much shorter than it should be.  In particular, short-cycling forces the AC compressor to work significantly harder than should be necessary.  As you likely know, the purchase and installation of a new air conditioning system will put a sizable dent in your budget.  It is in your interest to call an AC Repair Contractor in Elk River to get your system repaired right away.  Otherwise, you will have to shell out the money necessary for a full system replacement sooner than expected.

AC Short-cycling Causes Higher Electrical Bills

An air conditioning system that turns on and off at a higher frequency than should be necessary to cool your home is also detrimental to your budget.  If you are like most people, you are of the opinion that your current electrical bill is unnecessarily high.  AC short-cycling will send this bill even higher as the system repeatedly turns on and off over and over throughout the entirety of the day and night.

Short-cycling Results in Frequent Repairs

An AC system that turns on and off at an unnecessarily high frequency will require that many more repairs.  Short-cycling wears down the compressor as well as other internal components.  If the compressor works harder than necessary, it will deteriorate in surprisingly little time.  There is no sense paying for AC repairs due to short-cycling when you might be better of with a system replacement.  It might also be possible for our experienced HVAC team to perform maintenance, repair or another adjustment that puts a permanent stop to short-cycling.

AC Short-cycling is bad for the Environment

When air conditioners work as they should, they progress through lengthy cycles that cool your living or working space slightly below the temperature set on the thermostat.  These lengthy cycles ensure all of the rooms in your home or business are filled with an adequate amount of cold air.  Ideally, this amount of cold air will help maintain the proper temperature in the indoor environment.  If short-cycling occurs, the AC system will not be able to settle on or below the temperature set on your thermostat.  The constant system operation that occurs with AC short-cycling will spike your electrical bill and use up that much more energy.

Air conditioners require the use of our planet’s finite fossil fuels to cool indoor spaces.  The bottom line is increased air conditioner usage strains our limited resources and tarnishes our air with carbon dioxide as well as other harmful greenhouse gases.  If you have any interest in reducing your carbon footprint, preserving our surrounding environment and ultimately saving the planet, it is time to address your AC short-cycling.

Air Conditioner Short-cycling is Frustrating for You, the Homeowner

Your air conditioner’s startup cycle requires a significant amount of work.  This initial cycle is by far the most stress-inducing part of the cooling routine.  As a result, short-cycling is likely to spur repairs and subsequent replacement much sooner than should be necessary.  Furthermore, it is annoying for homeowners to hear their air conditioner turn on and off throughout the morning, day and night.

Do not suffer through short-cycling, assuming this frustrating problem will eventually work itself out.  You can save yourself plenty of frustration, worry and money by nipping this problem in the bud right away.  Reach out to our HVAC specialists as soon as you suspect your home or office air conditioner is short-cycling.  We will perform an in-depth analysis, determine if short-cycling is occurring and perform the appropriate repair or replacement.

Call Today To Speak With An Elk River AC Repair Expert From Neighborhood Cooling

Our heating and cooling team is here to keep you cool and preserve your hard-earned savings.  Let us analyze your air conditioning problem, figure out if short-cycling can be repaired and ultimately make your living or working space as comfortable and cost-efficient as possible.  You can reach our local Elk River AC Repair specialists by dialing 800-570-4328.

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