Tips for Saving Energy in Your Home This Fall

When was the last time you considered your family’s energy consumption habits? We’re guessing it was the last time you looked at your heating or cooling bill. According to the US Department of Energy, about half of a typical homeowner’s annual energy costs come from the hard work and long hours logged by their furnace […]

Essential HVAC Maintenance Tasks For the Start of the Fall Season

Summer has started to loosen its grip on our area, and we can already feel a hint of fall in the air. School is back in session, football season has kicked off, and before you know it, we’ll be attending bonfires, picking pumpkins and drinking hot cocoa. It’s an exciting time to be out and […]

Time to Replace Your Furnace? This Buying Guide Can Help

A great furnace can last for years, reliably providing heat to your home or business each winter. However, eventually every furnace will reach its end of life, forcing you to quickly find a replacement. Since this can happen without warning, you probably won’t have much time to research every furnace on the market to find […]

What Every Homeowner Should Know About Forest Lake Heating Contractors

If you’ve ever searched for local heating repair service, you likely know that there are quite a few Forest Lake HVAC Contractors. Unfortunately, not every service provider in the area is trustworthy, as many residents have learned the hard way. Forest Lake has a number of locally-owned businesses that are new to the trade and, therefore, […]

St Cloud Heating and Furnace Repair – What You Need To Know

As St Cloud residents brace themselves for a long, cold winter, one of the first things they often think about is their home’s heating. A home’s furnace ages over the years, often malfunctioning during the months it’s needed most. St Cloud heating and furnace repair technicians find that costly repairs almost always can be avoided […]

Top 3 Heating and Air Conditioning Services in Forest Lake, MN

Without warning, a vital household appliance can suddenly stop working. Your water heater can fail on a busy Monday morning, leaving everyone unable to take warm showers. Your furnace might fail on the coldest day of the year or your air conditioner could stop working on the warmest day of the year. When that happens, […]

Finding The Best Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor in Forest Lake

Searching for the best Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor can feel overwhelming. And more often than not a simple google search only makes matters more confusing. But don’t worry! We have streamlined the research process and are going to offer you the best tips in order to help you find the best one in Forest Lake, Minnesota. What […]

How To Fix and Repair The Most Common Furnace Problems

Neighborhood Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical technician helping homeowner fix problems with her furnace.

If your furnace doesn’t work like it should, you may be searching the web for a heating technician that can help. However, did you know that some of the most common furnace problems might be able to be solved right at home by none other than you? Yes! If your furnace isn’t working properly, you […]

How To Know If It Might Be Worth Replacing Your Furnace

Furnace Replacement can be a tricky decision. Oftentimes, home owners have a hard time figuring out if their furnace just needs a repair or if their furnace needs to be replaced. Furnace replacement is a hefty expense. However, when your furnace needs to be replaced, it just may cost you more to keep it than to […]

Why Should You Choose To Install A Heat Pump In Your Home?

Although you may recognize your home’s heating and cooling system as an integral part of what helps your home keep functioning like you want it to, many homeowners don’t realize exactly how much it takes to keep your home comfortable. In the average home, heating and cooling account for about half of your home’s total […]