Essential HVAC Maintenance Tasks For the Start of the Fall Season

Summer has started to loosen its grip on our area, and we can already feel a hint of fall in the air. School is back in session, football season has kicked off, and before you know it, we’ll be attending bonfires, picking pumpkins and drinking hot cocoa. It’s an exciting time to be out and […]

What To Do in a Heating Emergency in Minnesota

Heating emergencies happen in our area every year. But you don’t have to be “out in the cold” if you have to experience one. These useful, preventative tips will keep your household safe, comfortable, and peaceful during the cold nights ahead. The cold nights are here—and came sooner than we’d like. In November, our average highs are […]

Why You Need Heating Tune Ups Now!

You may not be thinking about your heater right now, but it’s the best time of year to be doing so! This is the time of year your AC is probably going full blast, but your heater is sitting completely idle. After months of being turned off, it’s going to take quite a bit of […]