St Cloud MN Furnace Repair

The Furnace is one of the most widely used gas appliance in St Cloud, Minnesota. In simple terms it’s basically a fuel box used to ingest cold air in the room, filters and heat it up to the temperature of your choice. This is done by blowing the air past a heat exchanger and pushing it through the ductwork of your house. However, sometimes furnaces don’t work that smoothly. In this article we’re going to discuss why.

Common Furnace Repairs in St Cloud

1) Won’t Turn On

One of the most common St Cloud Furnace Repairs that our technicians at Neighborhood encounter is a furnace that doesn’t produce heat.  Some common causes are a thermostat set to low or one that is actually malfunctioning. Another common cause is a tripped or blown circuit breaker. This may also be caused by not opening or leaving the valve of the gas furnace control closed. To address this problem, first check the setting of your thermostat and make sure it’s set to your desired temperature. Then clean your filter. You might also need to replace a fuse.

2) Little Heat Due To A Dirty Air Filter

Another common St Cloud Furnace Repair that we see is the inadequate production of heat, commonly due to dirty air filters. This can easily be resolved by thorough cleaning of the air filters. If the dirt is too much and produce severing damage then the air filter may be replaced with a new one.

3) Short Cycling

Another St Cloud Furnace Repair that we commonly encounter is a furnace that turns on and off way too frequently. Once again this is commonly due to a dirty air filter. However, sometimes it could be because of a bad blower motor. This can be resolved by modulating the thermostat anticipator or by cleaning the dirty air filter. Another way to resolve this is to assess the oil blower which may need some lubrication.

Surely there are several problems when it comes to gas furnaces which would require a Furnace Repair Technicians in St Cloud but these measures may be done by the owner himself if he is knowledgeable about the gas furnace and the specifications of it. When you design your home with this, make sure to check the quality before installing it for home improvement.

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