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A slowly draining tub, sink, or toilet can be an extremely frustrating issue. There are many things that can cause a drain clog in your home or office, and it’s critical that you address the matter as quickly as you can to avoid unnecessary frustration and future plumbing problems. If you are having trouble with a slow or clogged drains, look no further than Neighborhood’s Elk River Drain Cleaning Company.

Our experienced plumbers understand that clogged drains can bring your office or home to a standstill. We have the experience necessary to fix your clogged or slow drains quickly and correctly the first time. We regularly work on a variety of different drains, including the following:

  • Kitchen and bath drains – Food, grease, hair, and other things that regularly end up in your sink or tub can quickly cause serious clogs. Sometimes, these clogs are the result of a specific item that gets caught, but they can also be the result of years of gunk and grime build-up. Our Elk River plumbers can remove clogs so that your bath and kitchen drains work as they should.
  • Sewer drains – Sewer drains often get clogged because of improper disposal of items into toilets, overgrown tree roots, or excessive waste. These kinds of clogs can keep your used water from getting into the sewer system and cause smelly back-ups. As a result, if you’ve noticed an issue with your sewer drains, you should call an Elk River Drain Cleaning Plumber immediately.
  • Storm drains and catch basins – Storm drains and catch basins are drainage systems that are outside of your home that prevent debris from entering the sewer. When storm drains and catch basins get clogged, it can cause flooding and other issues that can damage your home and your property. For this reason, they should regularly be cleaned.


Home remedies clog-removing chemicals are often ineffective and can cause serious damage to your plumbing. In addition, because they can cause serious burns to your eyes and skin, once you use them, plumbers will often wait a day or two before even starting a project to avoid exposure, forcing you to live with your clogged drain longer than necessary. For this reason, it’s always best to go with the pros from the start.

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Failing to address your clogged drains or trying to fix them yourself can cause significant damage to your home or office plumbing. If you are having trouble with your drains, schedule an appointment with one of the Elk River Plumbers at Neighborhood Plumbing 800-570-4328 or contact us online.