Sump Pumps
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Sump Pump Replacement in St. Cloud & Central MN

Discovering that your basement is flooded can be extremely stressful. Flooding can damage all possessions in the affected area, as well as the foundation of your house, and can be costly to clean up. Flooding can happen for many reasons, some of which include:

  • Inadequate waterproofing
  • Construction mistakes
  • Improper installation of basement plumbing fixtures
  • Seepage of groundwater
  • Excessive snowfall or rain


It is important to address flooding issues immediately and prevent future floods, so many people seek the installation of a sump pump. At Neighborhood Plumbing, we install new or replacement sump pumps across the St. Cloud area.

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Replacement Sump Pumps

Many people have existing sump pumps that are simply not doing their jobs. This may mean that the pumps were not installed, operated, or maintained as they should have been. Some factors that can lead to sump pump failure are:

  • Motor failure
  • Clogs in the pipes
  • The incorrect size pump for your basement


If you are experiencing problems with your sump pump, do not wait until your basement floods. Stop looking for sump pump replacement near me and call our expert technicians. We can determine whether you need sump pump repairs or a replacement.

How Sump Pumps Help

When water enters your basement, a sump pump will drain that water into a basin and then pump the water back out. There is continuous monitoring of water levels so the appliance knows when to pump. We can assist you in choosing the right type of sump pump for your particular home and basement, as well as recommending backup pumps in the event of power failures. We handle the entire installation process for you to ensure that everything is working properly.  

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