Heat Pumps
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Heat Pump Installation and Replacement services in St. Cloud & Central MN

Heat pumps are a highly effective and energy efficient home heating alternative. They use a low amount of energy to move heat from a “heat source” like the ground or air into a “heat sink” like your home.

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Heat Pump Replacement Features

One of the biggest advantages of heat pumps over standard heating ventilating and cooling systems is that there’s no need to install separate systems to heat and cool your home. This means that heat pumps can be added on to your existing heating or cooling system to create a ‘hybrid system’ that enhances your energy efficiency by enabling to switching your home’s fuel source back and forth between gas and electric depending on the need. New heat pump benefits include:

  • Heat Pumps Can Provide up to 4x the Amount of Energy they Consume
  • Comfortable and Quiet 
  • Even Distribution of Heat
  • Clean and Compact Installation
  • Reliable Operation
  • Dual Use – Heat Pumps Can Act as a Central Air Conditioning Unit

Heat Pump Replacement Benefits

Heat pumps are a great way to stay warm this winter without breaking the bank. The idea that heat pumps are an inferior heating method in cold weather climates is pure myth. This is a misconception that we at Neighborhood Heating and Air Conditioning absolutely love proving wrong.

The facts are that heat pumps can be a highly effective and energy efficient method of temperature management no matter what climate you’re in. When it comes to energy efficiency and utility savings, you simply can’t beat heat pumps. Unlike other combustion based heating systems, heat pumps simply transfer heat rather than burn fuel to create it.

How does staying warm while saving money sound? The heating professionals at Neighborhood are your local heat pump replacement experts. Call us today to schedule an in-home installation or replacement consultation!


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