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What better feeling is there than coming home to a nice, comfortable home when the air outside is frigid? This is a feeling you probably take for granted until your furnace malfunctions and leaves you with a cold house. What do you do in this situation? Call your Neighborhood furnace repair company for a quick and reliable furnace repair!

Neighborhood is a local do-it-all business for all home maintenance problems. If your furnace is experiencing any issues heating your home to a comfortable temperature, it probably requires a quick repair from a leading furnace repair company in Minnesota.

We take pride in serving residents in and around the following areas: 

  • Sartell
  • Zimmerman
  • North Branch
  • Cold Spring
  • St. Joseph
  • Princeton
  • Foley
  • Sauk Rapids
  • Chisago City
  • St. Cloud
  • Elk River
  • Forest Lake
  • Milaca
  • Cambridge
  • Ham Lake
  • Mora
  • Lindstrom
  • And All Surrounding Areas!

Signs You Might Need a Furnace Repair

Uneven or No Heating

The most obvious sign of a broken furnace is uneven heating or no heating at all. First, check the vents in your home to make sure they are not obstructed by any heavy furniture that could be blocking airflow. If the vents are blowing air, but the temperature in your home still feels uneven, you’ll need to call a specialist for furnace repair. If there’s no heat coming out of your vents at all, chances are your furnace is not turning on due to an internal malfunction. Both cases require professional repair by your local furnace repair company

Clogged Air Filter

A clogged air filter will not only cause bad air quality to circulate your home, but it can also cause your furnace to malfunction and break down. We always advise customers to do their own DIY maintenance by regularly cleaning and changing air filters, but we know most people neglect their furnace maintenance. No worries! Neighborhood will have your filters changed and your heater repaired in no time. 

Thermostat Malfunctions

You can’t control your heating system if your thermostat is broken. You might think your furnace is not working or that you need an immediate heater repair when the only thing you need is a properly working thermostat. Newer models and smart thermostats have built-in sensors that let homeowners know when they are damaged, but older models don’t offer the same security. Luckily, our heating services include thermostat replacement with quick, efficient, and affordable service. 

Faulty Pilot Light

Is your furnace not turning on? This could be the result of a broken pilot light. The pilot light is the ignition point of every furnace. A broken pilot light will immediately shut down the furnace so as not to flood the house with gas. If your pilot light continuously goes out, you need to call your Neighborhood furnace repair company and ask for a gas furnace repair. Our certified technicians will take it from there. 

Damaged Components

If your furnace is not working, it could be due to a number of damaged internal components that you can’t check at home, such as broken fans, defective blowers, bad electrical connections, damaged coils, etc. Our team is experienced at quickly diagnosing and effectively repairing all furnace brands and models. 

Our Furnace Repair Process is Second to None!

When you get your furnace repaired by the leading furnace repair company in the area, you are getting our 100 percent worry-free guarantee! We also provide an up-front price, so you know that your electric or gas furnace repair is our top priority.

All residents of Sartell, Zimmerman, North Branch, Cold Spring, St. Joseph, Princeton, Foley, Sauk Rapids, Chisago City, St. Cloud, Elk River, Forest Lake, Milaca, Cambridge, Ham Lake, Mora, and Lindstrom are encouraged to call Neighborhood for all furnace installation, repair, and maintenance needs now!


All of our work is completed to the highest quality. Your safety, savings and comfort always come first, so you can expect 100% Satisfaction once the job is done. You will be greeted by friendly professionals who will dispatch an expert to your door who will listen to your concerns and get to the source of the problem. And, before any work begins you'll receive honest, straightforward pricing so there will be no surprises at the end.

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