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Electrical Repairs in St. Cloud & Central MN

When your appliances and lights seem to be working fine, it is easy to assume that your electrical system is also in fine shape. However, your wiring and panels are frequently ignored, and they may not have been inspected since they were first installed. St Cloud Electrical safety codes are regularly updated, and older systems frequently do not meet the standards of today.

In addition to making your home safer, an electrical update can also improve your home’s functionality and efficiency. Who doesn’t want more convenience and lower bills? To learn more about your options for a possible electrical update, contact our specialists at Neighborhood in St. Cloud today.

The following are only some signs that an update would be a good idea in your home:

  • You have older wiring
  • You have ungrounded outlets with only two prongs
  • Your outlets are not childproof
  • You are missing AFCIs or GFCIs
  • You don’t have enough power for your home
  • You have noticed signs of faulty wiring


If you have noticed burning smells, scorched outlets, flickering lights, or regularly tripped breakers or blown fuses, it can be a sign that your wiring is dangerous. However, updates can be beneficial even without these signs of a major problem. Every time you upgrade to new electronics or add more devices to your network, you will need more power to properly run your home. Our technicians can assess your current situation and advise you of possible updates that can make your home run smoother and safer.

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The team at Neighborhood includes trusted electrical service technicians who can help with a wide range of upgrades, repairs, and updates to your electrical system. To learn about your options, please feel free to call us at 800-570-4328 or send us a message online. Someone is available 24 hours a day.