Whole House Air Cleaners
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Whole House Air Cleaners Services in St. Cloud & Central MN

In recent years, the Environmental Protection Agency named poor indoor air quality as one of the top five environmental risks to public health. Poor indoor air quality is defined by the presence of unwanted, sometimes harmful materials like bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, dust, dirt, dander and more. At Neighborhood Heating and Air Conditioning, we have found that best way to fight back against these pollutants is with a whole house air cleaner.

There are many types of filtration devices on the market today, but in order to make sure your entire home is filled with clean, healthy air, a whole house air cleaning system is definitely your best option. Whole house air cleaners work in tandem with your existing HVAC system, which means that when your heating or cooling system is operating, the air in your home is being thoroughly cleaned at the same time. These powerful systems extract potentially harmful pollutants and contaminants from your conditioned air before it’s delivered to the living areas of your home.

Benefits of Whole House Air Cleaners

There are many advantages to installing a whole house air cleaner, including:

  • Health: The air circulating throughout your home is filled with particulate pollutants. Whole house air cleaners help to eliminate these contaminants from the air up to 40 times more efficiently than standard air filters.
  • Energy savings: Without one of these systems, airborne particles can build up on your HVAC equipment causing it to decrease in efficiency by up to 25%.
  • Comfort: A whole house air cleaner can transform even the dustiest, stuffiest room into a clean, healthy space full of fresh air.
  • Extended equipment life: The accumulation of dust, dirt and grime can cause lasting damage to your HVAC equipment. A whole house air cleaner will rid your system of this build up and decrease the chances you’ll need costly maintenance or repairs in the future.
  • Good investment: With the energy savings and decreased HVAC equipment wear and tear they provide, whole house air cleaners are a very worthwhile and cost effective investment.


At Neighborhood, we are your local air quality experts! Contact us today to learn more about whole house air cleaners or to schedule an in-home consultation!

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