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AC Maintenance Services in St. Cloud & Central MN

Your AC unit needs reasonable care and maintenance so it functions optimally, keeps your costs in control, and lasts longer. Making AC maintenance a priority will help you ensure you have a system that’s efficient and dependable in serving you for many years. Leave it to the team at Neighborhood’s AC maintenance service in St. Cloud to handle your air conditioning service and maintenance needs.

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Air Conditioner Maintenance Checklist

Mentioned below are a few ways in which our expert AC technicians will ensure your air conditioning unit is well-maintained:

  • Examination of Freon for correct charge and zero leakage.
  • Testing ductwork for leaks.
  • Inspection and recalibration of thermostats, when required.
  • Lubrication of motors and bearing, when required.
  • Checking and clearing condensate drain of blockades, when required.
  • Examining contactors and relays for errors.
  • Testing of safety controls.
  • Providing a comprehensive report listing irregularities and necessary repairs and/or service.
  • Detailed inspection and testing of electrical disconnect and AC unit wiring.
  • Testing humidifier operation, when required.
  • Recording of internal pressures and temperatures.
  • Thorough examination of the evaporator coil for functionality and sanitation.
  • Cleaning or replacing air filters, when required.
  • Inspecting and power-washing condenser coil, when required.
  • Checking fans thoroughly to ensure apt air distribution.

Benefits of Air Conditioner Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your AC unit will help you detect any malfunctions before they become bigger issues, thereby prolonging your AC’s longevity.

  • Proper AC maintenance leads to early identification and mitigation of technical glitches, which means reduced repair costs.
  • A well-cared-for AC unit can be relied upon for providing cooling and comfort all through the year, and especially the warmer months.
  • A well-maintained AC unit is clean internally, which means improved air quality in your home.
  • When your AC unit is in good shape, it doesn’t need to work hard to provide cooling. This results in lowered energy costs.

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