How To Protect Your Home From Flooding During The Stormy Season

Your house is a very large investment, so doesn’t it make sense that you would want to protect it during the stormy season? Most home owners have a primary sump pump to protect them from flooding, which is good, but what happens if that fails, the power goes out or the float switch gets stuck? All of the sudden your house is flooding, your walls and floors are being damaged and you’re losing other valuable property!

At Neighborhood we’ve seen this time and time again and have learned from experience that if you don’t have a battery back-up system you’re not a 100% protected. Eventually ALL sump pumps fail and without one you won’t know if it has until your basement or crawlspace is flooding! That’s why one of the smartest ways to protect your home and valuable property is to have a primary sump pump plus a back-up system. This way you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing you’re safe.

A Battery Backup Sump Pump & Generator Is The Best Protection You Can Get

One of the best back-up flooding protection systems that you can get are a combination of a battery back-up sump pump and a generator. Why? Your battery back-up sump pump will do exactly what it says – operate off a battery. It’ll start pumping if your primary fails, pump excessive water in unusually strong storms if the primary can’t handle it and in case the battery runs out, you’ll still have your generator to save the day! By having a battery back-up sump pump and a generator it doesn’t matter if your primary pump fails, clogs, the float switch gets stuck, the power goes out, a fuse blows or circuit breaker trips you’re still covered even in the most heavy rains! It’s the most reliable flood protection that you can get.

How To Get The Best Backup Sump Pump & Generator

So you’re ready to get a backup system to protect your home. That’s smart! But this isn’t an everyday purchase and with so many different options, features and benefits how do you know which one is the best one to get? Don’t WASTE time trying to figure it out on your own. Let our experienced Plumbing Company help you every step of the way. Each and every day we install new backup systems to protect people’s homes just like yours.

When your Neighborhood Plumber comes to your home you can expect that he will explain all of your options, their features and benefits, how they operate and how to maintain them. This way you can ensure that you’ve made the best choice for you and your home for years to come. Besides our Sump Pump Installation Service is guaranteed or your money-back! Contact us today for a complementary quote and let us help you keep your home dry all rainy season long!


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