How To Prevent Air Conditioner Repairs in Elk River

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[et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”]The functionality of your Elk River home air conditioning system will prove that much more important as we approach the dog days of summer.  If your air conditioning system does not function as effectively or efficiently as it should, it is only a matter of time until problems arise.  The last thing you need is for your Elk River home to lose its air conditioning functionality when the temperatures approach triple digits.

If your Elk River home air conditioning system is struggling to function, do not delay the repairs.  However, it is better to prevent such repairs in the first place by being proactive as opposed to reactive.  Tend to air conditioner maintenance and repairs before the system completely gives out or major repair projects that prove egregiously expensive will arise at some point down the line.  Below, our air conditioning experts in Elk River take a look at how you can prevent the need for costly air conditioner repair as the planet continues to warm.

Change the Air Filter

Most Elk River homeowners assume their HVAC system air filter is in place to ensure indoor air is clean and safe to breathe.  However, the truth is air filters actually serve the purpose of guarding the HVAC system against the very real threats posed by dust, dirt and debris that can move on in and hinder performance. If the air conditioning system’s filter is excessively clogged, it will reduce airflow that ultimately causes the air conditioning system to work much harder than it should.  This excessive workload results in heightened wear and tear along with a number of additional air conditioning problems.

Every air conditioner’s air filter should be changed every couple months during the summer as this is the period of time when the system is used at an especially high frequency.  If your Elk River home is laden with a considerable number of contaminants such as cigarette/cigar smoke or pet dander, it is in your best interest to change the air filter every single month.

Upgrade at the Proper Time

Air conditioners endure significant wear and tear with age.  There is the potential for your air conditioner to reach the point at which repairs will merely serve as temporary band-aids that stem the tide until another significant repair is required.  This approach is flawed as repair costs will eventually add up to more than the cost of an new air conditioning system.  If your air conditioner is a decade old or older and the subsequent repair or series of repairs will cost half of the air conditioner’s worth, it makes more financial sense to replace the entire system with a brand new model.

Today’s air conditioners are green and efficient to the point that they will save you a considerable amount of money on your utility bill.  The added benefit is you will not have to spend a single second worrying about potential air conditioner repairs this spring, summer or fall.  If you are uncertain as to whether the time is right to upgrade your system, lean on our HVAC aficionados for guidance.

Air Conditioning Systems Should be Inspected With Regularity

Air conditioning maintenance should be scheduled at least once every spring.  Maintenance must be performed before the system is actually needed.  Air conditioning maintenance sessions involve an in-depth analysis of the air conditioner.  Put your faith in our Elk River HVAC specialists and we will perform a comprehensive inspection and cleaning of your home or business air conditioning system.  Our team will make the proper adjustments and provide recommendations for repairs.  Addressing such issues in a timely manner means emergency repair needs are less likely to arise down the line.

As an example, a refrigerant leak is one of the most pressing repair needs possible.  Unfortunately, we find such leaks at a surprisingly high frequency in homes throughout the greater Elk River area.  If your home’s air conditioning system loses its refrigerant, it will not be able to cool your living or working space as it was designed to do.  However, your air conditioner will still attempt to reach the temperature on the thermostat no matter what.  This means the air conditioner will continue to run morning, day and night.  Refrigerant leaks will only lead to more severe air conditioning problems unless they are pinpointed and repaired right away.  Our local air conditioning specialists in Elk River are here to assess and repair your home/business air conditioning system to ensure it functions to perfection throughout the summer and beyond.

Additional Tips to Prevent Air Conditioner Repair

Aside from abiding by the tips detailed above, you can do a couple other things to reduce the chances of air conditioner repair.  Do not use appliances that generate heat when the sun is at or near its peak.  Enhance your Elk River home’s insulation to minimize heat gain.  Your home’s ducts must be checked and sealed to guarantee air is not moving into unoccupied portions of your living space. Even something as seemingly subtle as a installing a programmable home thermostat has the potential to prevent air conditioner repairs.  If you are suspicious your home or office thermostat is not reading the room temperature as it should, reach out to our Elk River Air Conditioning Repair gurus for assistance at 800-570-4328[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column]

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