How To Be Prepared Beyond The Storm Using A Battery Back-up Sump Pump

Rain fall has been particularly abundant this spring and summer. In my neighborhood we have had several storms this year already that have produced in excess of 10 inches of rain in a single storm. After witnessing this it got me to thinking about my homes water drainage and excess water management system, which is admittedly not up to date or fully equipped for all scenarios. Because of this I decided to take care of this small problem before it became a big one. I’m glad i did and it was easier then you would think.

The Equipment You Need To Prevent A Flood 

In my home I only had a single Sump Pump Installed, which ran on the local electric grid, and no Battery Back-up Sump Pump. I decided I needed to be prepared for the big storms and possible power outages that could come along with them so I acquired an additional Battery Powered Back Up Sump Pump. After having had a bad experience in the past i never wanted to have to deal with a flooded basement again. In addition to that, for extra protection, I installed a water sensing system in the basement that alerts me any time it contacts moisture.The idea is to be alerted anytime there is a malfunction in which a sump pump fails or can’t keep up.

Shopping For A Water Alarm

Before i bought my Water Alarm I looked at a few different kinds. One sat on the floor and when it’s metal contacts, that looked like prongs, came in contact with water the alarm would sound similar to a smoke detector. Another utilized a little more modern technology. It had WI-Fi capabilities and can would be hooked directly up to your Internet and even programmed to notify you via text or call your phone when it came in contact with water. I liked the fact that it would alert you on your phone. It also could be hooked up to a continuous wire to sense moisture. Because of those two reasons this became my personal favorite and the option I chose to go for my Moisture Alert System.

We Can Help 

An Emergency Back Up Sump Pump, operated off a marine battery or an independent power source with a water alarm is one of the most trustworthy systems that you can have to pump the water out of your basement in emergency situations during power outages. Most homes only have a matter of minutes before they start to flood in the event of a power outage. A reliable, properly installed and set up Battery Back-up Sump Pump and Alarm is the best way to Protect Your Home From Flooding During The Stormy Season. For further information about what system would be the best protection for you contact Neighborhood Plumbing today for a Free Estimate by calling 800-570-4328 or scheduling online.


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