How To Avoid Rising Furnace Costs In 2017

With the cold Minnesota winter quickly closing in, it is most definitely time to start giving some thought to the condition of your home’s furnace. With all of the blizzards, below-freezing nights, and windy days, no local homeowner wants to be left without a working furnace. If you have never had your furnace go out in below zero temperatures, then you can consider yourself lucky, especially if your furnace is getting on in years. If your furnace has seen the turn of a decade or two, or it just isn’t performing like it used to, now might be the perfect time to look at having your old furnace replaced with a new one. With 2017 just around the corner, and fuel costs forecast to rise in the coming year, the time to act is now. Here are just a couple of ways that replacing your old furnace now can help you cut your Furnace Costs for the coming year.

Save Money On Your Replacement & Repairs

Winter is the busiest time of year for many HVAC Companies due to the influx of customers requesting maintenance for their heating units and emergency replacement for ones that have stopped working. Because of this, many companies will offer specials, incentives, and discounts to encourage local homeowners to have their maintenance or replacements done before the coldest months of winter really set in. By acting proactively, you can potentially save a great deal of money by having your New Furnace Installed now instead of having to have an emergency replacement installed in the middle of January.

In addition to the money you’ll save by getting your replacement furnace now, you can also expect any future repairs to cost you less with a new furnace than it would with an old one. Older parts can be more difficult and expensive to find when the originals wear out. This can lead to longer waits for repairs and higher costs to replace anything in your old system. By installing a new furnace, you can take advantage of the fact that all the parts for it will still be in full production with a readily available supply.

Energy Efficiency Boost

If your existing furnace is getting a bit older, you could potentially be losing a lot of money in your heating costs. The simple fact of the matter is that older furnaces just weren’t designed to be as energy efficient as the ones that are being built today. Couple this with the fact that the constant use and hard work these units are forced to undergo during the cold Minnesota winters will quickly result in wear and tear on the system, causing its energy efficiency to worsen even more over time, and you can quickly find yourself losing a ton of money. Installing a new furnace now will make sure that your home is able to keep running efficiently throughout the entire winter, potentially saving you a lot of money on your Furnace Costs. In many cases, you can actually recoup the money spent on your new furnace in energy savings.

The energy efficiency difference between an older furnace and a new one is more than likely going to become even more important in the coming months are the fuel cost for heating your home is forecast to rise in the coming year. Much of that increase is expected to come from the likelihood of colder temperatures this year compared to those of the past year or two with the remainder coming from increased fuel prices nationally and the increase in price for the distribution of those fuels. If your home’s furnace is getting a little older, now is the prime time to be looking for a replacement before the winter months get into full swing. Replacing your furnace now can help you keep your Furnace Costs down in the coming months, and can actually wind up paying for itself over time.

If you are interested in keeping your Furnace Costs down in the coming year by replacing your old furnace, please call one of our locations or complete our online request form.


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