How to Avoid Costly St Cloud Air Conditioning Repairs This Summer

No homeowner is a fan of expensive repairs. At best, it means spending your hard-earned cash on an avoidable breakdown, plus struggling to try and fit a repair appointment into your already packed schedule. Not only that, sitting around a house that feels more like an oven! While Neighborhood is on-call 24/7 to handle any emergency St Cloud Air Conditioning Repair, many of these repairs are preventable with a just little preventative maintenance work. Here are five simple ways to help keep your St Cloud Air Conditioner running reliably and at peak efficiency this summer.

1. Change Your Filter

One of the simplest ways to prevent the need for St Cloud Air Conditioning Repairs is by cleaning or replacing filters regularly. While changing the filter itself is easy, you need to know a few things beforehand. First, you need to find where the filters are located. Once you’ve located the filter you need to make sure you’re replacing your old filter with the right kind.

To replace the filter, simply slide the old one out of the slot that holds it in place. Examine it carefully. If it’s heavily caked with dust, toss it! The new filter should have arrows on it indicating which way the air should flow. When you insert the new filter, check to be sure these arrows point away from the return duct. And , that’s all there is to it! If you have trouble with any of these steps, an experienced St Cloud AC Repair technician from Neighborhood would be happy to help.

2. Clean Your Indoor A-Coil

All St Cloud Air Conditioners have an a-coil inside that can collect dust and dirt over time. The accumulation of grime blocks airflow and lowers the ability of the evaporator coils to do their job of absorbing heat. There are a few ways to go about cleaning this coil. For a light cleaning, a can of compressed air works well. Simply direct compressed air in the opposite direction of normal airflow to blow away any accumulated dirt. Another way to clean the coils is by lightly dusting them with a soft brush. Don’t use hard, wire-bristled brushes as these can damage the coil fins. If these methods aren’t enough to thoroughly clean away the dirt, contact the St Cloud Air Conditioning Repair experts at Neighborhood for professional help.

3. Clean And Remove Debris From Your Outdoor Unit

Another quick way to prevent costly AC Repairs at inconvenient times is by keeping your outdoor unit clean and free of debris. A lot of outside units can easily collect natural waste like leaves, grass, and cobwebs that block airflow. This lowers the efficiency of your system which makes it more expensive to run. Take a few minutes to clean the exterior of the unit and cut back any bushes or grass from around the air conditioner to ensure the air can flow freely in both directions.

4. Schedule Your Annual AC Tune-up

Above all, the best way to avoid premature breakdowns is to schedule an annual Air Conditioning Tune-up. Our friendly Neighborhood team is happy to examine your A/C and provide expert advice on how to maintain your home’s system. With all the necessary expertise to clean and service your unit, when our trained technician leaves your home you’ll have peace of mind that your A/C is prepared to take on even the hottest of summer

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