Fight Mold in Your Bathrooms

Mold is unpleasant, unsightly, and can be unhealthy. Further, there is no better place for mold to grow in your home than in your bathrooms. The moisture and the warmth are exactly what mold needs to grow, and once it takes hold, it can be very difficult to get rid of completely. Never fear – there are steps you can take to fight mold in your bathrooms, and if you’re already battling a mold issue, an experienced St. Cloud plumber can help.

Eliminate Leaks

If you have a leak in your bathroom plumbing, it can lead to structural damage that is not only costly but also inconvenient to have repaired. A leak can also lead to a serious problem with mold. Leaks are often stealthy and can stay below the radar until they’ve morphed into something serious. There are, however, some telltale signs that you should be on the lookout for:

  • A faucet that drips and/or that has water pooling at its base
  • Puddles of water or damp spots behind your toilet or near your tub or sink
  • Damp patches on your bathroom floor or walls

Any one of these can be indicative of a leaky pipe, and the sooner you get it checked out, the better off you’ll be. A skilled St. Cloud plumber will help swiftly remedy the problem.

Make Sure Your Bathroom Fan Is Powerful Enough

Bathroom fans come equipped with motors in different sizes, and if yours isn’t powerful enough for the size of your bathroom, it means that you’re more likely to experience mold. A Bathroom fan pushes the moist air in your bathroom outside – where it can’t do any damage. An experienced St. Cloud plumber will determine if your fan is hitting its marks and will professionally install an upgrade if one is needed. Having the right bathroom fan is the first line of defense when it comes to stopping mold in its tracks.

Don’t Forget to Use Your Fan

It isn’t enough to simply have the right bathroom fan, you have to consistently put it to use. By flipping your fan on before you start steaming up your bathroom and allowing it to run for about 30 minutes after you’re done, you’ll maximize its usefulness. If you wait to turn your fan on while you’re toweling off, it leaves your bathroom far more susceptible to mold. This goes for everyone in your household – let them know that, before they hop in the shower, they should turn on the bathroom fan.

Nix the Damp Towels

Damp towels are like mold magnets. They provide bacteria with a virtual Petri dish on which to grow mold. Hang every damp towel to dry (in a single layer on a towel bar) after every shower. Piling damp towels in a hamper invites trouble. Wait until your soiled towels are dry before you mix them with your laundry. Your family members can probably also use a gentle reminder about what to do with their damp towels after a shower.

Keep Your Shower and Bath Dry

Every time your shower or bath gets used, it’s left dripping wet. If you make it a habit to dry your shower or bath walls every time you use it, you’ll help reduce moisture in your bathrooms – and help keep mold at bay. Running a squeegee over the walls can remove nearly every drop of moisture, and hanging the squeegee from a hook (instead of throwing it on the shower floor) helps keep things nice and clean and mold-free. A fluffy towel can also do the trick, but remember not to allow damp towels to pile up in your bathroom. If you use a shower curtain, a mold-resistant liner can help.

Keep Things Light

In addition to moisture and warmth, mold loves darkness. Throw your bathrooms open to as much light as you can. If you have windows in your bathrooms, keep the shades up when you’re not using them. A good dose of sunlight is a great antidote to mold. And when you’re cleaning your bathroom, give the darkest areas – like behind your toilet and in the corners – a bit of extra attention. These are the places that mold is most likely to get started, and putting in some extra elbow grease can help thwart its progress.

If You Have a Mold Problem, Contact an Experienced St. Cloud Plumber Today

Mold is not only unsightly and unpleasant smelling but can also be unhealthy. The dedicated plumbing professionals at Neighborhood Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, and Electrical in St. Cloud have the experience, skill, and professional tools to help effectively and efficiently eradicate your mold problem. We’re here to help, so please contact or call us at 877-817-0584 today.

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