Ask a St. Cloud Plumber about Damaging Slab Leaks

Slab leaks can lead to serious structural damage to your home or patio. If you have any concerns, call in a St. Cloud plumbing professional today at 800-551-3292.

Slab Leak? It’s a thing, and it can cause a lot of damage. While most homeowners have some working knowledge about their home’s plumbing, this usually doesn’t hold true for slab leaks. Because slab leaks can lead to extensive damage to your home, it’s important to understand the basics. An experienced St Cloud Plumber will assess whether you have a slab leak, the extent of the damage, and what your best repair options are.

What’s a Slab Leak?

Some homes and many patios are built on slab foundations. This means that the pipes for those homes run under the slabs that make up the foundation. If any of this plumbing springs a leak, it’s known as a slab leak, and the attendant damage can be immense.

Slab Leaks: What to Look for in Your Floors

When a pipe leak gets to the point that the water seeps through your foundation, you may notice one or more of several tell-tale signs:

● Your floorboards may begin to distort or buckle.

● You may notice wet patches on your floors, and if the leak is from a hot water pipe, your floor may even be warm or hot.

● Your floor may feel spongy when you walk over it.

● Your carpeting may be damp or soggy.

Additional Signs of a Slab Leak

If you notice a musty or moldy smell in your home, it can mean that you have a slab leak that’s caused mold and mildew to fester. This is not only damaging to your home’s structure but can also have health consequences for you and your family. Further, the sound of water that’s continually running, a water heater that doesn’t stop running, and/or unusually high water bills can be indicative of a slab leak.

Any one of these signs could mean a slab leak. Don’t wait until the situation becomes a plumbing emergency; call in an experienced St. Cloud plumber at the first hint of a problem – it can help save you time and money and minimize inconvenience in the long run.

The Damage Caused by a Slab Leak

As you probably can imagine, the damage caused by a slab leak is likely to be immense. Because these leaks are generally hidden, they typically go unnoticed until the problem becomes pronounced. As the soil beneath your home experiences changes in moisture, it can change dramatically in volume, which can cause structural damage.

As the soil gradually takes on moisture, it expands and can begin to bulge into your home’s structure. If you have a burst pipe and gushing water, on the other hand, the soil can be washed away, which leaves that portion of your foundation unsupported and with undue stress – cracks and drops are often the result.

What Caused the Slab Leak?

There are several plumbing issues that are closely associated with slab leaks:

● Plumbing that’s received inferior plumbing services and/or inferior plumbing products

● A pipe with a slow leak in it

● Pipes that are worn and damaged by age

● Pipes with worn, damaged, and/or faulty fittings

Plumbing problems aren’t the only issues that can lead to a slab leak. Extreme changes in the weather – as often experienced in Minnesota – can lead to shifting soil that affects your slab foundation. Further, when tree roots grow near your home, they can suck up the ground’s moisture and cause the soil beneath your foundation to contract. Changes in the volume of soil around your home can lead to foundational damage, distortions, and cracks, which can cause a slab leak. Faulty plumbing can cause a slab leak, but foundational damage can lead to the plumbing issue that causes the slab leak.

Regular Plumbing Maintenance with an Experienced St. Cloud Plumber Is a Good Idea

When it comes to your plumbing, regularly scheduled maintenance is always a good idea. A professional plumber knows exactly what to look for and can help identify any potential problems that may be brewing. Identifying a slab leak early on can help minimize the structural damage and the cost and inconvenience of any necessary repairs. Regular maintenance with a skilled St. Cloud plumber can help you avoid structural damage to your home and/or patio and to keep your home’s plumbing running smoothly.

If You Suspect a Slab Leak, Contact a Professional St. Cloud Plumber Today

A slab leak can lead to serious structural damage to your home or patio, but the dedicated plumbing professionals at Neighborhood Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, and Electrical in St. Cloud is here to help. In fact, we’ve been providing residents of St. Cloud with quality plumbing and heating services for over 60 years. And if it’s an emergency, never fear – we’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so please contact or call us at 877-817-0584 to schedule an appointment today.

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