6 Qualities to Look for in an HVAC Contractor

Heating and cooling are crucial to getting you through cold winters and hot summers in Minnesota. If you’re purchasing a new HVAC system or looking to replace your existing one, working with the right professional can be the difference between peace of mind and wanting to pull your hair out. Here are some top qualities of a good HVAC contractor from your friends at Neighborhood.

Local Knowledge and Experience

A great price doesn’t mean the HVAC contractor has the goods to deliver a quality job. Local experience means the technician will have a better understanding of specific needs and can provide invaluable advice. But technology changes, so your HVAC contractor must be updated on the most modern units for your lifestyle. They should also be able to provide cooling and heater repair in St. Cloud, MN, so you can rely on them if any issues arise.

Online and Offline Reputation

With everything digital today, make sure to check the online and offline reputation of the HVAC contractor before making a decision. Check Google, the Better Business Bureau, Facebook, and other websites. Also, ask around and get some references from people who live near you to get details on great local HVAC contractors.

Insurance and Licensing

A reputed HVAC contractor will have all the necessary licenses and insurance to do a professional job. Some even have the North American Technician Excellence certification, which requires contractors to demonstrate knowledge and efficiency.

Ability to Work Across Makes and Models

A good HVAC technician is not specific to one brand but should be able to work across different makes and models. This gives you better peace of mind knowing the technician is not partial to one brand but can provide good advice on energy-efficient models that are reliable and long-lasting.

In-Person Initial Consultation

Every home is different, which is why a phone consultation doesn’t always cut it because the contractor cannot physically inspect and determine the best needs for your property. A good HVAC contractor will take the time to visit your home so they can assess your situation and deliver an estimate that is personalized to your house without any hidden fees later.

Written Estimates

While some contractors will give you verbal quotes, it is always better to ask for it in writing so no one can backtrack on the agreed pricing once the job is done. A reputable HVAC contractor will have no problem communicating the price and services provided in writing.

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