4 Ways To Lower Your A/C Bills in Forest Lake Using Fans

Forest Lake is a fairly cold part of the country yet our summers have the potential to be uncomfortably hot and humid.  If you do not have air conditioning or are attempting to save money by not using your air conditioning, you are likely tempted to rely on fans to reduce the temperature of your living space.  However, merely setting up a fan in each room will not suffice.  The positioning of these fans as well as the fan type and quality all play a part in whether you will be able to successfully cool your Forest Lake home without zapping your savings.

An in-depth Look at Ceiling Fans

There is a common misconception that the installation of a ceiling fan in your Forest Lake home will reduce its temperature.  The truth is ceiling fans merely circulate air throughout your living space rather than cool it.  The average temperature of the rooms with ceiling fans in your Forest Lake home is nearly the same as the temperature of rooms without ceiling fans.  It is even possible for the temperature to sightly increase when ceiling fans are used as the motor generates heat.

The little-known truth is fans cool living spaces through the process known as convection.  Air gradually moves around human skin, causing the sweat on the skin to vaporize that much quicker. Vaporization sucks up heat from the rest of the body.  The cooling sensation is the result of this heat transfer.

The Number of Fan Blades Matters

A fan with an abundance of blades will prove quieter than a fan with comparably few blades.  However, fans with a considerable number of blades will shift air around your Forest Lake home at a slow pace.  Opt for fans with a low blade count and they will heighten the level of airflow per blade even when operated at a fairly low speed.

Fan Size and Lighting Also Matter

Spacious rooms require fans of considerable size.  As an example, a regular Forest Lake home living room requires a 44” fan.  If the fan in question relies on a light kit, you should know the fan’s maximum wattage rating.  The use of an incandescent lamp with a high wattage will spike the room’s temperature.  The better approach is to use LEDs.

Consider Using Reversible Fans in Your Forest Lake Home

Fan technology has advanced to the point that it does not merely circulate cool air around your Forest Lake home’s rooms.   Nowadays, reversible fans are available to pull air upward during the winter months and push warm air from the ceiling down along the room’s sides to ensure the entirety of this space is the optimal temperature at all times.  If you would like to reverse the blades’ direction after winter’s end, all you have to do is flick the switch along the fan’s base.

The Strategic use of Fans Really Will Reduce Your Forest Lake A/C Bills

If you have a Forest Lake home with considerable space, you will pay a pretty penny to keep it cool with central air conditioning or window-mounted units.  If you are not careful, you will end up with an egregiously high air conditioning bill each month.  Each change in temperature degree on your thermostat will spur higher-and-higher energy costs.

Instead of putting your air conditioning thermostat on 68 or 70, consider opening up the windows on mild days and turning on multiple fans.  It will also help to install ceiling fans in the rooms that are heavily trafficked to reduce the money you spend to cool your Forest Lake home.  The strategic use of a ceiling fan will empower you to leave your thermostat three or four degrees higher than normal without compromising your comfort.  The end result of this approach will be a 5-10 percent reduction in your home cooling costs.

When in Doubt, Circulate Your Home’s Air

Maintaining a cool living space is centered on air circulation.  Add fans to your Forest Lake home and the resulting air circulation will prevent cold air from pooling along the floor in the blazing hot summer months.  The active prevention of pooled air will keep your home’s temperature steady throughout its entirety.

The moral of this story is your Forest Lake home can remain cool and comfortable without absurdly high cooling costs if you run fans in the appropriate places and at the appropriate time of day.  Make a concerted effort to cool your home with a combination of fans and air conditioning and you will save plenty of money in the long run.

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