4 Ways Plumbers Can Help Eliminate Sink Stink in Your Elk River Home

Homeowners and renters in Elk River should not have to worry about sink stink.  If any of your home’s sinks are even slightly odorous, it is time to take action.  Below, we detail several ways to attack sink stink on your own without the assistance of professional plumbers in Elk River.  However, there is a chance your sink will still emit a nasty odor after you try these methods.  If your home is plagued by sink stink after trying the solutions detailed in this article, reach out to our local plumbers in Elk River right away.  We will address the underlying cause of the sink stink to return your Elk River home to normalcy without delay.

Sink Stink Elimination Method #1: Add Salt and Ice to the Drain

In some cases, adding a small amount of salt and ice will eliminate that nasty odor emanating from your sink.  Here’s how to do it: Fill up a measuring cup to the top with salt.  Add ice to another cup.  Pour the salt down into the sink drain.  Dump the ice into the sink drain.  Operate the garbage disposal for a minimum of 10 seconds.  Once the salt and ice work their way down into the pipes, your sink will likely smell significantly better.

Sink Stink Elimination Method #2: Use Ice and Borax

The addition of borax and ice to your sink might be enough to solve this stinky problem.  Fill up two cups to the top with ice straight out of your freezer.  Pour three tablespoons of borax down into the sink drain.  Put the ice in the sink drain after the borax.  Operate the garbage disposal for 10-15 seconds so the borax and ice can make its way down into the drain and clear away the odor.  Be careful when handling borax as it can irritate your eyes, skin and body if touched or inhaled.  Always wear gloves when handling borax to prevent exposure to the skin.  Do not let your kids touch the borax container or powder.  Curious youngsters might mistake borax for sugar or salt and attempt to consume it.

Sink Stink Elimination Method #3: Vinegar and Baking Soda Might do the Trick

The combination of baking soda and vinegar has freshened up countless sink drains in Elk River homes and beyond.  This combination of substances works surprisingly well to dissolve drain clogs.  You merely need a single cup of vinegar and a single cup of baking soda to attack your sink stink problem.  Put the baking soda in the sink drain.  Dump in the vinegar after the baking soda.  Give this mixture at least 15 minutes to work its magic in the drain below.  Once 15 minutes passes, flush the drain with hot water.

Sink Stink Elimination Method #4: Ice and Lemons

Lemons and ice.  Such a combination of ingredients sounds like a lovely drink to enjoy in your Elk River home during the dog days of summer.  Use the right amount of ice and lemons in combination to clear your drain and you just might eliminate the problem of sink stink.  You will need two cups of ice and two halved and peeled lemons.  Put the lemons in the sink drain.  Add the ice to the sink drain after the lemons.  Turn on the garbage disposal for at least 10 seconds.  Give the ice and lemon mixture a couple minutes more to freshen up the drain.  Take a big whiff directly above your sink to determine if the odor has dissipated or if it is still present.  If the odor still lingers, do not assume you are completely powerless.  Our Elk River Plumbers will take care of this problem with advanced equipment and strategies.

Our Elk River Plumbers are Here to Help With Lingering Sink Stink

Stinky sinks have the potential to ruin your Elk River home.  However, it is a mistake to dump a bunch of powerful chemicals down your sink drain in an attempt to eliminate the odor.  Give the methods to eliminate sink stink described above a try and the odor will not prove nearly as severe.  In fact, the methods detailed above might even completely eliminate the sink stink.  It will also help to maintain an operable garbage disposal.  Refrain from putting fibrous/hard food in the sink and you will greatly reduce the chances of sink stink.  However, there is still a chance the sink stink will linger after you try each of the strategies explained above.  If the stink still remains, do not hesitate to ask for help from our local plumbers in Elk River.  You can reach us by dialing 800-570-4328.

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