3 Plumbing Tips To Make Your Life Easier And Save On Water Bills

When the weather gets nice out and winter is over, many of us use our outside faucets way more than usual. Have you thought about how you can make your outside faucets serve your needs better? Do you realize what a small leak can add up to on your water bill? A small drip or small stream of water can cost a significant sum of money on your water bill each year and you might not even realize it until you get it fixed. Fortunatley there are ways to prevent wasting water and to make your life easier, here are just a few:

1. Keep Your Plumbing & Faucets In Good Shape

To keep faucets, joints, and connections in good shape, you’ll need Plumbing Repairs and maintenance. The hot water heater needs maintenance and rusted or corroded fixtures need replacement. By keeping your plumbing system in good order, you are not wasting your resources due to leaky faucet or pipe.

2. Consider Connecting Outside Faucets To The Water Softener

While you may wonder why we would advise you to connect your outside faucets to a Water Softener or filtration system, it does make sense if you think about it. Many Minnesota residents already have water softeners installed for outdoor use so they can keep hard sediments from causing water spots on windows or when washing cars. This system can be installed in a way where you can easily switch between using either unfiltered water or treated water. This is great for using the unfiltered water faucet for watering the grass or shrubs and the treated water for cleaning or drinking.

3. Install Access To Hot Water Outdoors

I have a dog that is constantly rolling in something stinky or muddy during summertime. The problem is bathing time. Bathing the dog in cold water only makes him uncomfortable and upset. But taking him indoors only makes a huge mess. We have noticed an increase in homeowners who like to use hot water outside. This is the perfect solution for using hot or warm water when washing cars, cleaning the porch and siding, or bathing the dog. Hot water helps to remove grime more effectively from everything. Your outdoor faucets can be fitted with a Tankless Water Heater or pipes can be routed from the existing hot water heater tank.The outside faucet will have similar components as an indoor sink with two faucets to control the amount of hot water you need. This is becoming a very popular option for homeowners and one of the Top 5 Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters.

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