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Drain Cleaning – Available 24/7 in St. Cloud & Central MN

A slow drain or clogged toilet or shower can turn a good day into a bad one quickly. The drains in your home or business route the dirty water to the city sewer system and can become clogged due to a variety of reasons. Drains that are clogged need to be addressed quickly to return your home back to working order. At Neighborhood Plumbing, our Minnesota Drain Cleaning Plumbers fix and clean all types of drains and offer our customers several solutions for remedying the problem, including:

  • Kitchen And Bath Drains: Kitchen and bath drains can become clogged from food, hair, grease and other objects that make their way into your drain system. The drains can become coated with grime that builds up until it no longer allows water to flow freely. We will not only remove the clog, we will also clean the drain of grime buildup to restore water flow.
  • Catch Basins and Storm Drains: Catch basins and storm drains are located on the outside of your home typically and are designed to catch small debris before they flow into the sewer system. These drains need to be cleaned out on an annual basis to prevent them from flooding if the grates are clogged.
  • Sewer Drain Cleaning:  Sewer drains are the way that your dirty water enters the city or municipal sewer system. These can become clogged due to tree roots, excess waste or the use of unapproved items in your plumbing system such as paper towels and sanitary items.
  • Camera Inspection: Camera inspection is a way for us to see into your drains without having to excavate landscaping or break through walls. We are able to locate the location and severity of the clogs and determine the best course of action for repairing the problem.
  • High – Pressure Water Jetting: Water jetting involves the use of high-pressure water to remove the items that are clogging your drains. Much like a pressure washer, the jets can break apart and wash away grime, buildup, tree roots and other items that may be casing your drains to clog.


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