Ultraviolet (UV) Lamp Systems
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Ultraviolet (UV) Lamp Systems in St. Cloud & Central MN

Ultraviolet (UV) lamps provide the best in high-tech air purification support. They are sleek, silent, and highly effective at destroying pollutants like viruses, bacteria, allergens, and molds that are airborne or growing on HVAC surfaces. AC systems are particularly moist environments where such pollutants tend to thrive.

Check for these telltale signs that your AC system has become a breeding ground for pollutants:

  • Allergies acting up.
  • Foul odors.
  • Blocked air flow.
  • Low air pressure.


These signs may indicate that your air conditioning unit, designed to cleanse and cool off air, may actually be spreading airborne pollutants throughout your home! It’s not worth the risk – and the solution is simple: a UV lamp.

By installing UV lamps in your home ‘s air conditioning system, you are ensuring each room of your house will consistently be filled with clean, healthy air. The powerful ultraviolet light penetrates and destroys pollutants before they can spread throughout your home.

UV Lamp System Benefits

  • Silent operation: After the system is installed, you’ll forget the UV lights are even there as they silently and efficiently neutralize threats to your indoor air quality.
  • Decreased pollutant growth: UV light is a proven killer of bacterial and mold growth.
  • Persistent purification: Once installed, UV lamps never stop working—they will continue to purify your air 24 hours a day.
  • Easy installation: UV lamps are small and can be installed quickly so you can begin enjoying cleaner, fresher indoor air as soon as possible.


At Neighborhood, we swear by UV lamp systems as an effective killer of harmful indoor pollutants. Let us help you choose the best UV lamp system for your home— Contact us today!

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