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Boiler Services in St. Cloud & Central Minnesota

Did you know that when a boiler service contractor does a proper installation job, and homeowners keep up on maintenance, you can expect a conventional cast iron boiler to last more than 20 years? Some boilers can last up to 50 years, but the life of your system depends largely on regular maintenance, water quality, and water conditioning.

While conventional cast iron boilers have a very long lifespan, cast iron steam boilers have a shorter lifespan of 15 to 20 years. As with any mechanical device, higher performance equates to a shorter lifespan. When boilers start leaking steam, and the leak isn’t repaired, water levels need to be constantly replenished, which puts a strain on the system and causes it to fail faster. Be sure that a boiler service contractor is maintaining your unit on a schedule so leaks and water conditioning issues can be caught early and rectified.

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Boiler Installation & Replacement

Maintenance is incredibly important and goes a long way toward extending the life of your boiler. However, it can’t be expected to keep chugging along forever. Like all things, your boiler’s lifespan is finite. When your boiler starts showing its age, you need to prepare yourself to purchase a replacement unit. When that time comes, our team will be here to perform your replacement boiler installation.

Our boiler service technicians are well-educated in the proper sizing and installation of boilers. Though it used to be common to install oversized boilers in homes, it’s less common today. Contractors have discovered that when a boiler is too big for the space it’s heating, the unit will kick on and off too frequently. Just like jackrabbit starts and stops are hard on vehicles, it’s also hard on boilers. Your contractor is trained to do heat loss calculations and size your boiler properly to avoid short cycling.

Boiler Maintenance

Your boiler service technician will perform a maintenance checkup to ensure everything is in working order. Your technician will check gauges and valves, ensure the pilot and igniter are working, clean it by removing sediment and sludge and blowing down the outside, turn boilers on and off, check operating controls, check for leaks, check the air damper, inlet screens, and floor drains, and more. These checkups aren’t for do-it-yourselfers. Only a trained technician should perform boiler maintenance.

Boiler Repair

While your boiler service technician is performing scheduled maintenance, it’s possible they’ll find problems that need to be addressed. If the technician has the parts with them and the time on their schedule, they’ll speak with you about it, give you a quote, and get your permission to do a boiler repair job. Our team always tries to save you money on your repairs without cutting corners. This is best done by preventing problems before they start. If it’s too late for that, they’ll fix your unit before a total replacement is in order.

Emergency Boiler Service

Even with regular preventative maintenance, your boiler could break, resulting in the need for emergency boiler service calls. When that happens, we have a full staff of professional technicians ready to deploy to your home for an emergency boiler service call. Whether you need emergency repairs or a new unit installation, our team is here to help.

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