Little Known Ways To Tell If Your Air Conditioner Is Really Broken

On the hottest summer nights it is always nice to listen to your air conditioner click on and start cooling your home! But when it doesn’t, it can be dreadful knowing your in for a hot humid night waiting for your Air Conditioner Repair Service. Once it’s fixed it’ll be nice to have cool air again but you might not like the price you have to pay. Checking over your Air Conditioner before you make a service call could help to save you money. Even if you do need to call at least you’ll have an idea of what might be wrong before the technician shows up.

Here’s the 4 things you’ll want to check over before you call: 

Check the Power

If your Air Conditioner doesn’t turn on it could be something as simple as a blown fuse or flipped switch. First take a look at your electrical panel to see if any breakers are tripped. If so, flip it back on and see if that fixes the problem. If not, go find the on and off switch for the system. This is usually located right next to or attached to the Furnace & Air Conditioner. It normally looks like a light switch. Turn the switch off then back on to see if that will reset it.

Check The Fan

One way to tell if your Air Conditioning system has power is to just turn the fan on. Usually on your thermostat there will be a fan switch right next to the on and off switch for the cooling. If you switch your fan to on and it starts then you know that the system has power. However, if its still not cooling you might have a bigger problem. When the fan doesn’t turn on you might have blower problems.

Check The Thermostat

Your Air Conditioning System is triggered to turn on and off by your thermostat. Make sure to check all of the settings to make sure nothing has been changed. Also, check the batteries. Usually the batteries need to be changed every couple of months. If that doesn’t do the trick most likely your problem is with something else.

Check For Clogs

Every Air Conditioner has three main things that can clog that will affect it’s performance.

1.) Drain line: Your drain line needs to be free and clear of debris. If your drain line is clogged and can’t drain your system might malfunction and could potentially shut down. Make sure it’s seated properly and able to drain.

2.) Air Filter: Just like the drain line, a clogged air filter can affect the performance of the Air Conditioner. If you have a 1” filter make sure your changing it every month. If you have a better one like the 4” protectant filters make sure your changing those every 6-12 months depending on which one you have.

3.) A-coil: This needs to be clean. If you’re a-coil is dirty it’s restricting air flow. Restricting air flow prevents your air conditioner from work efficiently. It could also cause the system to breakdown. This is something you’ll want a skilled Air Conditioning Contractor with with proper tools and training to do.

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