How to Pick the Best HVAC Contractor in St Cloud

St. Cloud is known for its temperature extremes, dropping below zero in the wintertime while plunging to the 80s in the summer. To keep homes and offices comfortable year-round, HVAC companies often recommend top-quality HVAC equipment. But even the best equipment needs maintenance, occasional repair, and periodic replacement.

When you need help with your system, it’s important to have a local HVAC Contractor you can trust. But for those who don’t have a contractor on speed dial, it’s best to line one up before there’s an emergency. Here are four ways to find a great HVAC contractor in the St. Cloud area.

Read Reviews

The internet has made it easy to read what other people are saying about a business. Don’t limit your search to sites like Yelp, though. Browse reviews and mentions on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and search testimonials on a company’s website. If you can manage the extra expense, Angie’s List can be a great resource for finding highly-recommended contractors in your area. Also check a business’s Better Business Bureau rating and note any unresolved complaints on record. Keep in mind that even the best company will occasionally have a bad review. Pay more attention to the overall customer sentiment, rather than homing in on the few one-star reviews you see.

Check Licensing

Another way to protect yourself against a bad contractor is to check the state licensing site and make sure they have a license on file. In Minnesota, each contractor must file a $25,000 bond with the state in order to perform HVAC work. This bond must be sponsored by a surety company that is licensed to do business in the state. Although having a license doesn’t mean that a contractor is completely reliable, you’ll at least know that a provider is legally operating in the state. You’ll also know the contractor who comes into your house is bonded, which gives a measure of protection if something goes wrong.

Check Certifications

There are multiple certifications available to HVAC contractors, each providing their own level of validation. One of the best designations available to professionals in this field is the North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification, which requires the professional to demonstrate a capability of handling multiple HVAC repair scenarios through an exam. The HVAC Excellence certification is another respected commendation, requiring at least two years of experience in the field and a test that demonstrates an expertise in their chosen specialty. Look for a technician that advertises top certifications and choose someone that has taken the extra steps to become certified.

Ask for Recommendations

One of the best ways to find a reputable service provider is through personal recommendations. Ask friends, family, and coworkers if they have used an HVAC contractor in the St. Cloud area recently. If your immediate circle can’t help, turn to social media to ask local followers. Facebook’s community groups are great for recommendations like these. Find out if there’s a group for your neighborhood or area of town and post your question. Neighborhood apps like Nextdoor are another way to get names of service providers from those living nearby. They’re likely to have a contractor who is not only local to you, but who also understands the unique needs of homes built like yours.

When you’re looking for HVAC Contractor in the St. Cloud area, the internet is the best resource. Whether you’re sourcing recommendations for friends or researching reviews and credentials, a few minutes of extra effort can make a big difference in your results. Once you’ve found a reliable contractor, you’ll have a contact you can call upon in the future when you need HVAC repairs or maintenance.

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