Tips to Keep your Home Energy Efficient

There are numerous ways to keep your home energy efficient and they range from something as simple as switching out an older appliance for a new model to larger things such as installing solar panels on the home. Not only are you helping the environment when you become more energy efficient, but you’re also helping your wallet […]

How To Prevent Unusually High Air Conditioning Bills

Have you ever had an energy bill that seemed higher than it should? I think we can all relate. I know i’ve even been struck with a few shocking bills before and i’ve been working for an AC Repair Company since the early 70’s. I can remember one time in particular back when i lived in California years […]

New Furnace Cost Vs. Energy Savings

More reliable and energy efficient than ever before, today’s residential furnace options offer a lot in the way of energy savings for consumers. The new energy efficient furnaces today are helping save enough money monthly on utility bills that they pay for themselves in energy savings. Homeowners replacing their old units with new furnaces today are also seeing longer lifetimes and no repairs […]