9 Common Air Conditioner Smells and What They Mean

Woman holding her nose while standing next to her outdoor AC unit which smells bad.

Air conditioners are essential for maintaining a comfortable living environment, especially during the sweltering summer months. But what do you do when your once-fresh air conditioning system emits a peculiar smell? Common air conditioner smells can indicate various issues, some benign and others more concerning. Let’s explore these odors and help you identify why your […]

5 Causes of Frozen AC Coils

Air conditioner frozen over in the middle of summer

When the summer heat hits, we rely on our air conditioning unit to provide us with cool air. However, when the AC coils keep freezing, it can lead to a whole new set of problems. If you’re wondering what causes frozen AC coils and how to fix them, you’re in the right place. Below, we’ll […]

Switching From Heat to Air Conditioning: What You Need to Know

Woman adjusting thermostat inside home

Anyone living in this part of the country knows there are times during the year when you feel like you’re experiencing multiple seasons in a single day. The mornings can start chilly, lead into a hot afternoon, and cool down for the evening. For those who like to use their HVAC system to maintain a […]

How Long Does a Sump Pump Last?

a sump pump installed by Neighborhood Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical

If you have a basement in your home, there’s a good chance you also have a sump pump. That’s because a sump pump can keep your basement dry and prevent water damage during bouts of heavy rain or snowmelt. However, you might not know how long these trusty devices are meant to last. So if […]

5 Reasons Your Furnace Keeps Turning Off and On

A woman adjusting a thermostat in a home.

It can happen at any time of day or night. You hear your heating system kick on — and then a few minutes later, the entire unit shuts off without completing a heating cycle. This frustrating and panic-inducing problem is referred to as “short cycling.” Unfortunately, there can be many reasons your furnace keeps turning […]

5 Tips to Increase Water Pressure in Your Shower

A hand testing the water pressure coming from a showerhead.

When you hop in the shower after a long and tiring day, you expect to be met with a steady stream of hot water. However, this isn’t always the case — and the problem can turn a pleasant shower into a sluggish chore. Yes, we’re talking about none other than low water pressure. Low water […]

Should I Use My Ceiling Fan While the AC Is Running?

Ceiling fan in living room

When you think about maximizing the cool comfort of your home, you may think of turning on a fan — but should you use your ceiling fan while the AC is already running? Would the ceiling fan help or hurt your air conditioner? Well, there is a definite answer to your question and many reasons […]

How a Central Air Conditioner Works (What You Need to Know)

AC compressor outside of St. Cloud, MN, home.

In the Greater St. Cloud, MN, area, having a central air conditioner is critical to keeping your home feeling as comfortable as possible. If you’re looking for an AC installation service, we can help you choose the new system your home deserves. However, if you have ever wondered what makes an air conditioner tick, we […]

What Does an AC Tune-up Include?

An HVAC technician's equipment, including refrigerant, being used in a Foley, MN home.

When hot weather descends during the summer, our air conditioners come to the rescue. It’s always a relief when our ACs can meet our cooling needs. However, you shouldn’t take your system’s constant hard work for granted.

What is a Sump Pump, and Why Would a Home Need One?

As a homeowner, you’ve probably become reasonably familiar with the different plumbing services available around your St. Cloud, MN, residence, and that is a phenomenal thing to be aware of. However, repairing plumbing damage and flooding is not the same as preventing the issue from becoming a problem in the first place. Conflating the two can […]