An Inside Look Sauk Rapids Air Conditioner Maintenance

Your Sauk Rapids home air conditioning system needs maintenance just like every other machine.  Unfortunately, plenty of Sauk Rapids homeowners fail to have to their air conditioning system inspected or maintained.  Skip the annual maintenance session and you will roll the dice on your air conditioning system’s functionality for the entirety of the upcoming summer.

The Importance of Air Conditioner Maintenance

Can you imagine being stuck in a hot home with elevated humidity simply because you refused to pay the little bit of money necessary for air conditioner maintenance?  This nightmare really could become your reality unless you have your home air conditioning system maintained with regularity  Our Sauk Rapids Air Conditioning specialists are here to help.  Here is a quick look at what air conditioner maintenance is all about.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Starts With You

It is a mistake to assume you can perform air conditioner maintenance on your own without the assistance of the proven professionals.  Our Sauk Rapids air conditioning specialists are here to inspect and maintain your air conditioning system from top-to-bottom.  However, you can do one thing prior to our arrival: change or clean your air conditioner’s air filter.  If you do not know how to change or clean your system’s air filter, our HVAC aficionados will be more than happy to guide you through this simple process.

Take a look at the air filter every couple months to gauge whether it is clogged or dirty.  Clean or replace compromised air filters as necessary and you will have done your part to boost airflow as well as air conditioner performance as a whole.  The end result will be an air conditioner that does not have to work nearly as hard to cool your living space.  Aside from changing/cleaning the air filter, the only other thing you can do to maintain this vitally important system is pick up the phone and call our local air conditioning company in Sauk Rapids for a yearly maintenance session.  You can reach our team by dialing (320) 251-7872.

An Inside Look at Professional Air Conditioner Maintenance

Now that you have done your part by changing/cleaning the system’s air filter, it is time to rely on the proven HVAC professionals for comprehensive yearly maintenance.  Our team will inspect, analyze, clean and repair every part of your home air conditioning system. We will take a close look at the air conditioner’s evaporator coils and condenser to guarantee they are free from obstruction, perfectly clean and capable of absorbing/releasing heat as necessary.  In-depth air conditioning inspections also require an analysis of every single electrical connection.  If any such connections are loose, we will tighten them.

Let our Sauk Rapids air conditioning specialists take a look at your air conditioning system each spring prior to the arrival of the hot summer and we will address the refrigerant level.  If the refrigerant level has decreased, it is an indication there is a leak in the system.  Such a leak must be pinpointed and subsequently repaired by Sauk Rapids air conditioning specialists who are actually worth their keep.  Put your faith in our team and we will repair the air conditioner leak properly on the first attempt.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Includes Cleaning

Truly comprehensive air conditioner maintenance involves an in-depth cleaning of the condensate pan.  Draining is also necessary to ensure moisture stemming from evaporator coils does not cause an overflow.  Our Sauk Rapids air conditioner gurus will also clean and lubricate the compressor motors and fan. The purpose of cleaning and lubricating these parts of your air conditioning system is to prevent mechanical stresses that cause the motors to burn out.

We Sweat the Small Stuff During Our Air Conditioning Maintenance Sessions

If you forget to clean or replace the air filter, we will do the work on your behalf.  Ideally, such a cleaning/replacement will occur every two months yet it is perfectly understandable if you forget.  Put your faith in our Sauk Rapids HVAC technicians and we will perform this essential maintenance on your behalf.  Our team even goes as far as ensuring your thermostat displays the proper temperature.  If the thermostat does not show the temperature exactly as it should be, we will re-calibrate it.

Contact our HVAC Team in Sauk Rapids

If your air conditioner has not been inspected in the past year, it is time to give us a call.  You can reach our Sauk Rapids Air Conditioning Company by dialing (320) 251-7872.  Contact us today to schedule

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