7 Reasons You Need Licensed Plumbers for Your Forest Lake Home

Most people do not take the time to ask prospective plumbers in Forest Lake if they are licensed.  There is nothing to feel guilty about when posing this question to plumbers.  After all, you are the one in control of the situation.  The plumber is looking to add a client to his or her “roster” so you have every right to ask for proof of licensing.  Below, we explain why you should ask for such proof before letting a Forest Lake Plumber get to work on your home plumbing system.

Reason #1: The Prospect of Fraud or a Broken Contract

If you sign on the dotted line of a contract with a plumber lacking a license, that contract is essentially meaningless in the context of the law.  The sad truth is a plumber lacking a license has the potential to take your money, do no work at all and leave you with little-to-no legal recourse.

Reason #2: Licensed Plumbers in Forest Lake From Neighborhood are Required to Pass a Background Check

Do not let an unlicensed Forest Lake Plumber in your home.  The failure to obtain the proper licensing is a red flag that indicates the supposed plumber in question might actually be a criminal.  Plumbers are required to pass a criminal background check prior to being granted a license.  Ask to see the plumber’s license before allowing him or her into your living or working space.  If you want to take an extra step just to be on the safe side, contact the plumbing company ahead of the plumber’s scheduled arrival for a description of him or her to ensure you are letting the right person into your home.

Reason #3: Licensed Plumbers Provide a Higher Quality of Workmanship

The old adage of “what you pay is what you get” is certainly applicable to plumbing services.  Though it is tempting to fork over as little of your hard-earned money as possible to the cheapest plumber, this approach is usually a mistake.  Unlicensed plumbers typically provide a lower quality of work.  Furthermore, shoddy work will likely force you to spend that much more money across posterity as the plumber attempts to remedy mistakes stemming from the original flawed approach.  Opt for a licensed plumber and you will benefit from high-quality repairs that stand the test of time.  The bottom line is licensed plumbers have the skill, training and commitment to their craft necessary to justify the cost of their work.

Reason #4: The Issue of Liability

Unlicensed Forest Lake plumbers rarely have any form of insurance.  Business insurance is essential as it ensures the plumber is financially responsible for damage caused to your home plumbing system or other parts of your home while on-the-job.  Furthermore, unlicensed plumbers are unlikely to have workers’ compensation insurance.  If a member of the plumbing crew is injured while working at your home, you will have complete legal liability for the related costs of medical care, lost wages, loss of use of a body part, pain, suffering, etc.  Even if you report the incident to your homeowners insurance provider, your insurance probably won’t apply simply because an unlicensed plumber performed the work.

Reason #5: Licensed Plumbers are Familiar With Local Codes and Standards

Plumbing codes and standards are unique to each state.  Hire an unlicensed plumber and he or she is unlikely to adhere to the nuances of these rules.  Alternatively, licensed plumbers ensure work performed at your home will be in full accordance with local laws and guarantee the proper permit is required.  This is the peace of mind every homeowner deserves.

Reason #6: Licensed Plumbers Might be Cheaper Than the Rest

Licensed plumbers are industry stalwarts.  These plumbing aficionados have established relationships with parts suppliers throughout your area.  Such connections make it that much easier for plumbers to obtain significant discounts on parts and pass on those savings to customers.  These relationships also provide easier access to an array of appliances, materials and designs that would otherwise be unavailable.

Reason #7: Licensed Forest Lake Plumbers can do It All

Oftentimes, multiple plumbing problems are interrelated to one another.  In other cases, a plumbing issue results in another plumbing problem that spurs yet another plumbing repair and so on.  Hire a licensed plumber and you will rest easy knowing this experienced professional can tackle every type of plumbing job from re-piping the entirety of your home plumbing system to repairing leaks, unclogging drains and beyond.

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